How old are you?

I'm 33 and started D&D at the age of 11, having never read Tolkien or other works of fantasy.

I've never really given Conan a look at until last year and was more of a Fritz Leiber fan (actually I still am... sorry to blaspheme).
Well met,

I've been gaming nearly two and a half decades. I started at age 7. I'm now 31, going on 32 in October. I started with the original D&D booklets and moved to the light blue D&D book then to 1st edition AD&D in 1979-1980. Got to check out the 1st edition hardbacks from the library in my original home state of WI. Moved to GA in 1981 and been running wild every since. I own over 30 RPG systems and have playtested for White Wolf, R. Taslorian Games and run games here at the DragonCon convention for the last eight years. This year, I fell in love with Conan and am running it. See my Throne of Blood threads for more information. Read Tolkien, Moorcock, Howard and others between ages 8-12 and fell in love with gaming and fantasy.

So ... playing all manner of games for 24 years. I'll get the hang of it one of these days ...

I am 32.

I can't believe how many old geezers there are here... I thought I would be one of a few over thirty.

I started playing back in '85, around the same time I discovered Conan.

Coincidence? You decide.
I'm 33. Started with the red basic set in 1982, within 3 sessions I was on to the AD&D 1st ed. while continuing red & blue TSR boxed sets. Started GMing a year later (mixed success ever since). Same year I saw "Conan the Barbarian" on beta video :roll: and got the Ace book _Conan the Wanderer_ & found the stories so much better than the film, have been a growing Howard fan since.

Have also played various dnd campaign settings, Star Frontiers, Star Trek rpg (FASA), Lord of the Rings (ICE), Star Wars (West End games), Conan boxed set (TSR, a favorite, still have it :lol: ), Delta Force, Cyberpunk (R Talsorian), & done a slew of others that didn't stick.

I started off on Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, then Grailquest and Lone Wolf.

My first real RPG was Tunnels and Trolls, moving swiftly to collecting all the TSR D&D boxed sets, TSR's old Marvel Super Heroes game, FASA's Star Trek, Mayfair's DC Heroes, GW's Judge Dredd and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, then onto AD&D 2nd Edition, Traveller: The New Era, and finally Advanced Heroquest (although I later managed to grab enough pieces from eBay to put together a Warhammer Quest set)

Then there was a bit of a pause in RPG activity when I moved into Wargaming with GW's Warhammer, Warhammer 40K, Blood Bowl (which doesn't really fit any category nicely) and Space Marine (the old Epic system), moving onto Titan Legions and Epic 40K.

Around this time I set up my side business in RPG retail for some local clubs, and grabbed Call of Cthulhu, White Wolf's Vampire, Werewolf and Mage, then LUG's Star Trek, D&D 3E, back to Wargaming with Epic Armageddon, and back to RPGs with Mongoose's Judge Dredd, Decipher's LotR and Star Trek.

Finally (and most recently) Mongoose's Babylon 5, Conan, Armageddon: and Lone Wolf games, and launched the online side of the business.

I haven't included the games I bought purely as a collector, and I'm sure I've forgotten some others...
Just turned 29 two days ago. :)

I first got introduced to the D&D genre through (yeegads!) a 9th grade english assignment to read Wizard of Earthsea. I actually didn't like it at first and flunked that first pop quiz on the book. Afterwards, I forced myself to sit down and ... actually liked the story. Then I fell in with some after-school club of roleplayers that were into Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay ... then got hooked on D&D, and now here I am. :D
30, I have been playing since I was 14, started with Robotech, started my own Marvel super heros campaign when I was 16, then campaign came to a close when I was about 26..ish... been along time. I went through many differant players, but the world stayed the same. The orginal player charectors were major "movers" and "shakers" in the world as NPC's. everything that the PC's did had an effect on the world and I never changed anything when it came to the story line. It ended with the earth becoming inslaved by an alien race. Quite alot of fun....

Kinda missin' the old world I used to live in...... :cry:
I've been gaming on and off since 13/14 and this year I'm 30, however I was told that the age you feel is your own age plus the total of your kids - as I have four of them my age ends up at 52!
Turning 38 tomorrow, I began with wargames, then with RPG in 1979 or 1980 with D&D, then AD&D. As a fan of horror novels, I discovered Lovecraft & Co (including Howard's horror stories) before the Conan saga. The Lord of the rings was probably the first fantasy novel I read (though I loved mythological tales from antic Egypt and Greece).