How old are you?

I'm 21, m'self. Been gaming for about six years, but a Sword and Sorcery fan all my life.

I attribute the age of the Conan player base to the maturity of the stories themselves. Far from being the musclebound superhero of popular belief, Conan and his world are deeply realized, dark, and poetically portrayed.

I came to Conan from Fritz Leiber's "Fafhrd & The Gray Mouser" stories, another staple of Sword & Sorcery.
For anyone out there who hasn't read those stories, a High reccomendation doesn't begin to describe it.

Anyway, that's all off topic. I am now the youngest one to post here! Bwa-ha!
55 here...started with original DnD; the list is so long I've forgotten a lot of them, but the most important of the group is the game I've played since 1977, Arduin. 1st read Conan when I was about 12 or 13; still break out the original series and read them all every 3 to 5 years, LOL....Love the Conan rpg setting and material. :D
The King said:
Turning 38 tomorrow, I began with wargames, then with RPG in 1979 or 1980 with D&D, then AD&D. As a fan of horror novels, I discovered Lovecraft & Co (including Howard's horror stories) before the Conan saga. The Lord of the rings was probably the first fantasy novel I read (though I loved mythological tales from antic Egypt and Greece).
This thread is already one year old and I am 1 year older now.
I could add I like Celt mythology too but was never able to pronounce the words correctly. :?
31 here. But in Canadian funds I guess I am more like 24! Awesome!

I played some D&D a few times in grade school and High School but really got into it when I met two friends when we did a play when I was 17. We played Call of Cthulhu and I was hooked! I got into Howard after that.

Oddly enough I was reading Cerebus and Groo (Both parodies of Conan more or less) long before I was reading the old Marvel Conan's or the old Del Ray paperbacks. I met Dave Sim (Cerebus a few years ago and we had a cool talk. He signed the first Cerebus I ever bought and drew a picture of Lord Julius (Groucho Marx) I am a comedian so Groucho is a huge inspiration to me. Funny how one's intrests seem to overlap in strange ways.

Sorry to stry off topic. It seems to be a real remembery thread!
30 here, been playing since I was 12 when I started with AD&D 1st edition. Since then I´ve played more RPGs than I can remember, including Earthdawn, Call of Cthulhu, Kult, Street Fighter RPG, AD&D 2nd and many more.

Funnily enough my first contact with d20 was with the Conan RPG, which alongside Earthdawn is my favourite fantasy RPG.
Arkobla Conn said:
Good Lord, it's more than a year old, because when I responded I was 37...and now I'm 39.... /sigh

Wow, you are right. I was 33 when I responded to that, and I am now 35. Has it really been that long?
As we are all confessing, as a 37 year old, I distinctly remember the original boxed edition (post Chainmail) and how it was actually _cool_ to play DnD for a short time.

Mad Dog
Arkobla Conn said:
Good Lord, it's more than a year old, because when I responded I was 37...and now I'm 39.... /sigh
Did you forget some sacrifice? You take 2 years within 12 months? :shock:
I'm 29.
Been at it since I was 12. Mostly Swedish games for the first 10 years or so, then a bit of angsty Vampire stuff for a while, started getting into D&D a couple of years ago and am now a sucker for Conan!
Been a REH fan since my teens, though.