How old are you?


Just wondering what the average age of Conan players is. Most people here seem to be older than those who post of the Wizards board. Myself, I'm 29. How about you :?:
I am 33. I started playing AD&D (quaintly dubbed 1st edition) when I was 11 and started DMing at 12. I discovered Conan when I was 13.

What is the average age on the Wizard's boards?
I am currently 24. Started putzing around with gaming around the age of 12. I started being an actual gamer at 13 and joined a campaign with a DMing at 14. My uncle got me into Conan at twelve years of age.

I also second the question about how old the Wizard board folk are. Although, I am registered I could always find out myself... :roll:
23 and almost done with college.

Yeesh, its been a while since I could say I was the youngest guy on an internet message board. :?
I am 30 (31 next month), I've been playing for 23 years (started when I was 7 and living in Canada), I began play with the 1st edition AD&D, then Gamma World (2nd ed) and Star Frontiers followed shortly after.
I'm 29 and have role played since I was about 11. I've played the "old red box" from D&D, MERPS, Starwars (West End Games), various D&D campaign worlds, the original shadowrun (anyone remember that one?), 7th sea, Dead Lands, Starwars d20, Lord of the Rings From Decipher.
31. Bought the Red Box & the 1st MM. 1st game I ever played with a group was Marvel Super-Heroes ( I was the Thing), followed by CoC, followed by Star Frontiers. Went through some years in just D&D followed by MANY years with just Rolemaster (my DM was one of ICE's regular authors). Then White Wolf when Vampire was actually a cool game. Then, Harn. Then 3rd Ed. Now 3.5 & will be GMing Conan shortly for the first time.
I'm 31 ½. I started playing DND in August 2000 just before 3rd edition came out. I played exactly one session of AD&D 2nd Edition.

All of my DND "experience" before that time comes from the DND games from SSI (Gold Box, et. al) and other computer gaming companies. :)
32 ....just about a month ago. Started with the red box DnD and have been at it ever since. If its been in print I have probably played it.. Star Frontiers, Boot Hill, Top Secret, Merps Gurps Twerps....Paladium Shadow Run Cyberpunk...Etc etc etc. If a new system would come out I would have a go...That lead to some severe disappointments and lack of bank account. Star Trek RPG anyone...