Giants in the Playground


Hi everyone...This is in response to questions about what others are doing in their campaigns...Giants in the Playground is season 2 of our campaign picking up where the Ragged Edge left off. Our hero's have used the few weeks between the 2 seasons to create a NATO type alliance between the Gaim, Pak'ma'ra, and the Drazi. Why these races? These are the ones the characters had the most influence with and at this time both the Pak'ma'ra and the Drazi are threatened by the Centauri while the League fragments, the Gaim queen is grateful to the heroes for their aid in the War of the Queens affair. The new alliance is called the Interstellar Coalition (ISC) and is the successor to the Orestres Conspiracy.

The group is made up of the following: Patrick Trouton (human Diplomat), Gurrah (Pak'ma'ra Lurker/Smuggler...yes the npc from Cold Equation became a player character), Nimue (Human Techno-mage, secret student of Alwin), Valencia Orestres (Centauri Telepath), Dr. Grom (Drazi Scientist) Jonathan Pilbury (Human Ranger), Alisea Corda (human Agent/Mars Terrorist).

Here is a brief outline of the forthcoming episodes, keep in mind they haven't been run and most are not fully written yet, just scetched. I ran the first episode back in July and then there was a problem with a cast member so i put it on hold until sometime next year and am currently running Slaine.

1. Things to Come- Jan 3-8- Zagros VII- Marcus Cole asks the characters to smuggle important communications equipment past the Centauri blockade to the Ranger base.

2. Snowball (New title: Spheres of Influence)- Jan 20-Feb 10 Lhort Homeworld- modified adventure from Darkness and Light sourcebook- the ISC wants to uncover the truth and perhaps gain a new race in the alliance- only if they aren't the raiders

3. Relics- Mid February-Marcab system- The heroes must prevent the 4 Horsemen of Freedom Station from adding new advanced ships to their fleet- rather they may be able to create a private fleet for the ISC out of whatever they can salvage of the Marcab fleet.

4. Haven of Villainly- March 15-25 Freedom Station- When an important archeologist entrusted to the heroes for safe delivery to Minbar is taken out from under them by intrepid bounty hunters, the heroes must rescue her before EarthGov can aquire her, the trail leads to Freedom Station. (Dr Kirpatric)

5. The Roswell Connection April 7-14 Mars- The Vree offer to join the ISC if the heroes can help them with a problem- IPX is about to uncover a Vree base on Mars which would definitively prove that the Vree had preyed on humans on the past and conducted unspeakable experiments on them...this revelation with vivid proof and access to Vree technology would only stregnthen Clark's hand in frightening Earth against aliens- the team must destroy the base while dealing with IPX and the growing Mars crisis with Earth- Earth begins bombardment of Mars while the heroes are on the planet.

6. The Lincolnus Papers: May 15- June 15 Various- The heroes help with the smuggling of Narn slaves/prisoners from the Centauri, providing aid to Vir and perhaps taking over after he is unwittingly uncovered by Ivonova.

7. Giants in the Playground- July 18-25 The heroes will gain access to a Shadow base using the Walking Stone and hopefully destoy it while in space Sheridan lays his trap for the shadow fleet which plans to destroy the refugee fleet.

8. The Trouble with Pak'ma'ra Sept 6-21 various- An enemy from the past emerges to threaten the very existance of the Pak'ma'ra with a deadly plague engineered to specifically target them.

9. Heart of Darkness- Dec 10-15 Location not set yet
10. The Emissary- Dec 27 location not set yet. This will involve a Vorlong test.
I like how you are expanding on the Ragged Edge there, lots of meat for great role-playing. Keep it up FuryMaster, this is good stuff.
Sounds very, very promising - I for one can't wait to see it as follow-up supplement to TRE. (pity that will take a bit longer... ;-] but worth the wait I think)