Feedback Needed!

Having S&P back in print would be good. As far as content (in Wargamer) I would like to see VaS coverage in every issue, CTA is already strongly supported. A general reviews section would be great, covering new games from other publishers. More painting and modeling guides would be good too.
Shadow Queen said:
but why do people critisize peoples work when they have worked so hard on it just to get shot down?

Folk can work as hard as they like, but if something is not very good or simply not of interest, then it's going to come in for criticism. It's something all writers have to accept, whether amateur or professional.

I write for Warpstone, the unofficial fanzine for WFRP, and to date I've been very fortunate that my articles have been well-received. I've also been lucky in that when people have had problems with parts of articles, they've been courteous enough to properly explain why they had problems, and I've been able to give my reasons for doing something a certain way and explain ideas further. However, it's inevitable that sooner or later someone will pop up and simply tell me my stuff stinks. When it happens, I hope I'll just ignore straight insults, but listen to more reasoned criticisms.