Feedback Needed!

Greg Smith said:
cornichon said:
Some articles can be more or less universal:

The "children" article for Jeremiah is very useful for playing kids in D20, not just for Jeremiah RPG.

This kind of article, I like a lot.

I'm glad you liked it.


My only regret is that the article was available too late for me to use it in my "play commoner/peasant kids in Lone Wolf" game. Too bad, because I would definitely have used it.

Oh well, that shall probably be for the next game :)
So MTH ....... a quiet day then!!! and some of us thought you were busy.... Pah! lazy sods!
What do you do for fun.....Alligator wrestle!
Now theres a group of people who MUST love there job, Ulser`s and all!
Research, arguing with people who were supposed to provide artwork three months ago, research, spending an hour on the phone with print-on-demand asking them to explain exactly how they got *that* figure in their heads, research, finding you got some facts completely and utterly wrong and running through changing them and everything that refers back to them, research, checking through and editing all references to that silly rule that really didnt work when you tried it out for real, research, trying to work out whether the manuscript on the PC or the one on the laptop is the latest version and finding theres some new updates on each you havent got on the other and then having to spend two days cut+pasting back and forth, research, re-proofreading to make sure the proofreaders didn't miss anything, research....

Oh, is that all? :lol:
VincentDarlage said:
I would also like to see more field guides to the creatures of the Hyborian age (I thought Josh Kapfer's multi-part guide to man apes excelled).

Thanks, Vincent! I wish I wasn't so swamped all of the time....I'd like to write more (they are alot of fun to do). I actually have a giant serpents article that's about 75% done tbut I just haven't been able to finish it with all of the other deadlines I'm facing..... :(

Hopefully, I'll be able to get back at it again soon!
I love S&P too. I would love to see more Conan RPG related stuff--especially the "Stygian" article I recently submitted to Editorial.


MaxSteiner said:
===> Battle reports with maps please!!!!!!!! It might just be me, but I
find when reading battle reports a simple map with a couple of
arrows really does help slot everything into place

I agree! The maps/diagrams in this Wargamer issue REALLY help to show the action. Some of the earlier ACtA battle reports had photos that didn't seem to follow the description.

Otherwise, I think you're doing a great job.
Just a note to say that I would love to see some of the unpublished WARS material make its way into S&P.

Since it seems that WARS may be dead, it would be wonderful if elements of Soul and Steel and Nowhere to Hide could be made accessible through your great online magazine.

I've posted elswhere in the forums on this, but I was told that THIS is the place to do so. There. I should probably stop ranting about this now ....
Well. Hi. I´m a spanish player and my friends and I are running a campaing for A Call to Arms.
I find the articles about the game are great, the strategic guides better than the usual stuff in that topic.
What I would enjoy would be a few more battle reports of A Call to Arms games.
They are funny, they are instructive (about the rules I mean, there´s nothing better than an example to know how a rule works), and they can give ideas... photos and drawn table maps help a lot (to me at least)
Written as a story they are great, but with a "technical" writing they are more useful, I think. It could be a mix of both or one of each...

And very important thing for reader is their trueness. I´m tired of reading a lot of reports in other games (from other companies) that are written to light the "just-released-product". Well, when you read that, you just don´t believe.

Anyway, congratulations for the work so far and hope I could help.
a MUST keep are the terrain articles in the wargamer edition. They are very helpful. I liked the early concept articles of Stalingrad and VAS as well.
Mac V said:
a MUST keep are the terrain articles in the wargamer edition.

We're certainly not planning to drop those ;)

If anyone has any early ideas for BF Evo scenery, please email them off to Old Bear ( as I can envisage a lot of demand there after the launch in January (and not just Middle East stuff, please! :) )
OOOH,yeah, those would be great! Thing is, what's the terrain of Kerpleckistan or whatever like? Sounds fairly middle eastern from the preview we've seen.
msprange said:
However, we are not entirely sure what it is about S&P that you do like, and what you would like to see less of.

Not so much of a issue but I would like to know what happened to the design&conquer? I rather enjoyed those cartoon strips myself :p . Did whoever drew them ran out of ideas or why was it dropped?
Love the rules for the undercity and the Trans-dime. Great to see some support for Gangs! Looking forward to the rest of the rules next month. Thanx again 'Goosers. :D :D :D
Pretty much what you've got in there. . .

Battle reports
Tactics articles
Supplemental rules*
Insider looks at Mongoose or the game industry

Please do NOT put in:

Fiction, especially fan fiction!

Coverage of other company's products - except in as much as they can be used to supplement your own games. You guys have a broad range of product lines, and S&P can be filled cover to cover just for stuff for your own games. If I want to read material about other company's products I can go elsewhere for that.

*If you put in supplemental rules for miniatures games that support a tournament environement like ACTA, SST, or BF:Evo, you should publish revised versions later once the bugs have been worked out, and then issue some kind of statement as to whether the rules can be considered "official" or not for tournament use.

Perhaps you could just release an annual compendium of all the revised and updated supplemental rules that could be considered "official" additions to the game's rule set?

Please don't take the GW approach of releasing all kinds of supplemental rules that may or may not be balanced and legal at tournaments and have to be specifically addressed in the rules for each tournament.
Yep, that's a good list:

Battle reports (actually good ones)
Tactics articles (which make really sense)
Supplemental rules (I LOVE the SST Rebell Army List)
Insider looks at Mongoose or the game industry
Usefull modeling Tips (Terrain/Models)
User-Stories (Battle Reports, Terrain Tutorials like that Bug Central)
Erratas (the SST-Errata is great, Neodogs and the UCF-PETA *lol*)
Scenarios/Scenario Inspiration (like that suicidal SST D-Day beach landing scenario)

I also like the writing style of those articles. It gives you the 'from gamers for gamers'-Feeling.
I am not trying to resurrect this thread, but I wanted to make a post about what I would like to see as an annual article in signs and portents.

Reading back over older issues, I glanced over issue 30 and read the 'If Wishes were Horses' article. I would like to see one of these a year, with an update on ideas, licenses, ideas for games, but more importantly, a longer article, as I just loved reading it.

Also, an official sayon games that will or will not surface would be cool (like an update on Age of Conan, Babylon 5 War Without End, and so on).

Please Mongoose, do it, give us a 'If Wishes were Horses 2007'!
I didnt get into mongoose publishing games for a long time i remember getting the JD rpg and the rookies guide to the justice dept.

then it was acta gangs and b5 rpg so i missed lots of S&P but i can never get them to download on my laptop, so id love to see a gangs conpedium,

and the Soul Hunters artical was so "cool" as my mom said;

but why do people critisize peoples work when they have worked so hard on it just to get shot down?
I'd like to see more fan submission. Personally I have nearly two dozens ships and variants for ACTA I could send in.