Excel Traveller Trade

A tad bit more involved than copy/paste lol, apologies for oversimplifying the process in my earlier comment.
If someone knows how to simplify the process. Will be pleased to hear it. But this the best I can do without typing over everything.
Thanks for this! I'll work on this tonight and tomorrow, hopefully have it ready to post here. If I run into any issues, don't worry, I'll be here whining! :LOL:
Hope all is be clear. Else don't be afraid to ask.
I made a big Oopsy in my writing. Essentially when copying and preparing next sector tab. LEAVE columns S till AJ untouched, they contain formula's to calculate the trade-codes. Will upload later updated instructions. For now I removed the PDF (better no instructions then wrong instructions). Sorry
Essentially download the data from TravellerMap.com and then still have some work to import and shuffle all data on the right positions. I did save the RAW data in to an .txt file and import that to a clean workbook in excel with fixed column with. That way you can straight away make separate columns for the UWP data. Make sure you import the hex-data as text else excel removes the leading 0. If interested, I can write detail instructions tomorrow evening or day after.
Hi, I'm finally getting back to this after life intervened this fall (and too many players suddenly couldn't play anyway.) Just a quick question, is there a site that gives the commands for how to mass download/import data from TravellerMap? For example, I'd like to download all of the data from a sector. Once I can do that, and I see what format it comes down in, I think I can whip up some scripts to parse it and put it into a number of comma delimited text files which I can then suck into Excel.
Just double-checking that I'm not missing something on the spreadsheet. From what I can see, there is no way to have a trade pair of systems where one system is one Sector and the other system is in a different Sector (to be clear I *am* referring to Sectors and not Subsectors.) For example, since I'm working on the Hinterworlds Sector and specifically the Hashi Subsector, that Subsector is in the bottom left corner it means that it borders three other Sectors (e.g. Old Expanses, Alpha Crucis, Spica.) So, it seems logical that there will be trade across those Sector boundaries.

On the spreadsheet on the 'Planets Tab' in C2 you choose your Sector, but only once. I'm assuming this is because the sheet wasn't originally designed with multiple Sectors in mind. What would be involved to provide this functionality?
The original spreadsheet was made for a single sector at a time.

Without creating a new spreadsheet from scratch, a field with an option to manually enter the stats of each system, evaluate that on the sector page, and manually enter the distance between the two for freight/mail/passenger purposes.
My apologies, but my GitHub-fu is not as strong as it should be. How do I get the information of World_Name, Hex_Location, UWP, EE for a (for example, the Trojan Reach) sector? Can I get this as a <Tab> delimited table or file? What would that command look like? I have skimmed over the API commands, and nothing seems to fit.

Nevermind; I just copied / downloaded a copy of TrojanReach.tab. I think that will do it.
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This seems to be a very cool tool for the crew of a trader. I can get it to work in Google Sheets, but unfortunately I have had no luck with LibreOffice (*.odc format) -- I am still tinkering.

But it doesn't do what I am trying to accomplish -- which is trace out the trade routes in a sector, and the volume / value / types of those goods. I am klugeing together something along those lines, but it looks like I am going to have to make up quite a lot of arbitrary house rules in order to get GURPS: Far Trader's 'Gravity Trade' model to play nice with T4: Pocket Empires and everything else. My current sticking point is World Trade Numbers and how they interact with the Bilateral Trade Number; the T5 trade rules state that there is an advantage to trades from Agricultural, Rich worlds to High Population, Desert worlds -- but the reverse is not as advantageous. I am trying to model that; and then trying to find away to map (richest to poorest) trade flows as jump-routes.

Suffice it to say that I have not cracked it yet. I will be happy to copy a Google Sheets version here when (if ever) I finish. All input is welcome.
You may want to bear in mind that there is no actual guarantee that trade advantage is going to be balanced. In fact, trade "balances", unless deliberately kept both controlled and simplified, are almost certainly non-existent.
As far as I am concerned it's non-commercial and open source (the overlay, not the spreadsheet software)
deHap may have some concerns with the parts he added.
But, I am officially out of the future editing loop to avoid messing up the multi-sector compatibility.
Have fun with it.