Trading macro/module OK to share?


My players seem good with the idea of starting a Traveller campaign after my current fantasy campaign is done (so I have a few months to work on this). I'll be using the TwoDSix system in FoundryVTT, and I've started on the process of putting together a module to automate some of the drudgery of freight and speculative trade calculations - pretty similar to the excel sheet posted in a thread around here somewhere.

It would consist of a list of cargo types and prices, a couple of roll tables based on the ones in the 2022 update (hidden from players by default, but the GM could make them visible), and some code to tie it all together and hopefully end up with a list of cargo that can be drag-and-drop added to a ship or vehicle sheet.

Once I get this all working I'd like to bundle it up into a shareable module and make it freely available. Would distributing something like this be acceptable, licensing-wise?
Hey there,

Our current answer to queries of this nature is yes, go ahead - but please be aware that we may approach you in the future to take it down. Probably not... but we may.