Core company troopers

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it says here that there's a box set called core company troopers.
am i right in thinking that this will be the troopers from the film or summat else

Turtle said:
Core troopers are like imperial guard, they can actually outnumber the bugs.

Translation: You _realy_ want them to be available in plastics...

Core are the folks from the movie correct, flak armor, no powered suits.

Movie== Core
Series == MI Trooper
Book== Suits Ape and Chicken

I think.

I hope we get the version 2.0 of the Neodogs as the 1.0 verson all self destructed when they smelled the bugs.

byram said:
you could always use GW canadians :wink:

I've got a platoon or so of 'em that are mostly unassembled... (used for bitz to my Tau aux. human units... )

I may be able to muster 40-ish or so plastic cadions, including heavy weapon teams and add to that my special weapons teams in heavy armour... (Kashrkin)



I want my Mongoose MI Core troopers...
Call me crazy, but I think I might be getting a Core trooper army along with my horde bug army.

My two friends have already claimed cap troopers and marauder armies, so I figure I might as well stick with the horde army mentality and go with core troopers.

It'd make a nice diorama to line everything up and reenact the Whiskey Outpost scenario. I could easily use it for a demo scenario but with cap troopers and marauders trying to fight their way in to save them.