Book of Magic


is there any chance that we will see something like "the book of magic"

with right and left handed spells and descriptions about the the

infamous spellcasters of the darklords(sp),

in the future?
It's probably already on the design stage, or at least planned, but my guess is Mongoose will wait and see for the sales figures of the core book and Darklands before expanding the line...

But considering the reaction, I'm sure things looks bright enough for us LW/GS fans.
I said it before and I'll say it again; a Book of Magic (of Magnamund) is an excellent idea and should be one of the next five support products for Lone Wolf!
I think it is such an excellent idea I am working up the outline for it in a few days.

In other words, yes; it will happen. Say thank you to Matthew; it was his call.

A Magic of Magnamund Companion is on it's way? Yessss!!

Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!!! :D

*goes scrounging for more Gold Crowns*

Mongoose August said:
I think it is such an excellent idea I am working up the outline for it in a few days.

In other words, yes; it will happen. Say thank you to Matthew; it was his call.


<sniff>... 'tis news that brought a tear to me eye... </sniff>

Thanks August and Matt!!!

Hey! I hate to bring up what might be a sore point for some, but can we hold you to your promise August? <beg> Will we indeed see something more definative for the Shianti and Grey Star? </beg>
A suggestion for the book of magic August:

I'd like to see more info on the whole Herbalish/Cener Druid conflict. And maybe some prestigege classes, and a section about their magic on good and evil herbcraft.

Also, some info on the Vakkeros would be great! And perhaps some more brotherhood spells?

Probably my major confusion, (i've read thru the magic classes in the book already) would be the duration, casting time and area of effect of the spells. Do botherhood mages need spell components? or is it all just thought based?
How does necromancy work in Magnamund? None of the magic wielding classes have spells that directly influence this kind of force on the world, so I am kind of clueless on this.

I am thinking of using undead in my first sessions, but I want to know how to create a wizard/adept with the control of undead, or if it even exists in this world (I'm assuming it does).
I'm seconding the need for info on herbalists and druids. Elixirs, herbs, nature worship and evil druids crop up with such regularity in the books I'm somewhat surprised they didn't get a fair chunk of the main rulebook.

Perhaps it's in part because many occasions are just passing references. OTHO, the flippant way "oh yeah, there's a secret, evil, druidic cult here" occasionally crops up gives me the impression though, that that sort of thing is almost taken for granted in Magnamund. And I like it. Psychotic, poison crafting, element hurling, disease spreading, secret societies of druids. Just part of the landscape. :twisted:

Which gets me thinking. Part of the appeal of LW to me, I think, are the dark undertones so common in what at first glance seems to be such a bright, heroic world. Similarly, the way Lone Wolf sometimes has to choose other than the noblest course, or even to sacrifice others for the greater good (never a true innocent, of course ... LW is still very heroic).
Don't forget magick items, it seemed that every other book Lone Wolf would have bolts of energy shot at him by someone holding a stone (Doomstone?).
Sable, druids in lone wolf are more towards the vein of alchemists, rather than element hurtlers. For some ideas, check out the bestiary; there is an evil giant monster(s) there that carries 6 potions given to it (them) by cener druids. The potions have full desc, as well as DC's I think, and are completely diff than the others found throughout out the book.

To gen an evil druid opponent, simply use the adept NPC class. Give it a brotherhood spell like net, and the dessi's elder art of alchemy( only for carfting their own evil potions, not the dessi potions though). At even higher levels, say above ten maybe multiclass it into warrior or expert, and give it another spell like maybe levitation, or the kai/magnakai ddiscipline of animal control (normal animals for good druids; mutated evil animals like doomwolves for evil druids)

Max out the craft alchemy skill ofcourse. This should tide you over until something more about them is released.

I personally would like to see Rimoah statted out, as well as banedon, and ofcourse grey star (even though banedon and grey star wont be in action for a few decades yet). Not that its hardly necessary, but still just for the heck of it; if theres room.

Some more brotherhood spells would ofcourse be nice, as long as they stay within the lw style. (no magik missiles). Some necromancy magik would be awesome though. An entire class does not have to be present, just some basic spells to be applied to the adept NPC.
However much I like the supporting roles from the rulebook, I don't think that giving Brotherood and Old Kingdom spells to druids and shamans would be faithful to the setting. Look at Kezoor, for instance... his spells are very different from those of Lone Wolf's allies. I hope right-handed magic will be covered in the Darklands tome, so that we can give more appropriate spells to evil-aligned adepts.
Yes, I agree, which is why I said it will be enough to tide us over until something more about them is released. I think right handed magik, darklord specific magik, and MAYBE some things for cener druids will be in darklords.

As for using the adept, I again agree that the elder arts especially will be unsutiable, except perhaps a vile and mutated version of alchemy. Thus, multiclass them into experts after around 4th level adept, and use the extra skill points for alchemy and survival.

Keep in mind, you can change the thematics for the net spell. For instance, you could use the stats for the net spell, yet tell your players that as the evil druid casts his spell, vines start wrapping themselves around them, etc etc, instead of a net appearing as per the standard spell.
Whatever the case, its important that the druids are very low on actual spellcasting, and that their magik has a very different feel.

Remember, there is a reason the cenerese used a plague to wipe out many of the elder magii; had they used magik, they would not have stood a chance since the elder magii are second only to the shianti in terms of magikal power ( I personally think they were students of the shianti given the blurbs we have in the rulebook, but hey). Thus, it took a relatively non/low magikal weapon to do them in, something for which they were not prepared.

Thanks for the kind words golem :)