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Yes, its 1000D of the nearest body. So in our solar system, you can use the Sun out to about 9.3 AU, so just shy of Saturn. Beyond that, you have the proximity of the various outer planets.

Mass in the universe
In the standard lambda-CDM model of cosmology, the mass–energy content of the universe is 5% ordinary matter, 26.8% dark matter, and 68.2% a form of energy known as dark energy.[from Wikipedia] Thus, dark matter constitutes 85%[a] of the total mass, while dark energy and dark matter constitute 95% of the total mass–energy content.

Given that dark matter as a theory exists to help explain the gravity that exists in the universe, it could actually be used as a reason for advanced grav drives still working even in the great rift or in the space between galaxies. Perhaps the efficiency is lower but it could be a useful idea. Maybe even a dark energy jump/hop/skip etc drive that can operate close to a planetary gravity well or something else.

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