Book of Magic

Xex said:
I personally would like to see Rimoah statted out, as well as banedon, and ofcourse grey star (even though banedon and grey star wont be in action for a few decades yet). Not that its hardly necessary, but still just for the heck of it; if theres room.

Glad to know I'm not the only one who likes the idea of statting out some classic characters!
You could be right, Xex, regarding the use of elements. I did, however, happen to have made my post just after coming across the evil druid in Flight from the Dark that hurls lightning from his staff.

Either way, I certainly agree with regard to the alchemical side of things ... a lot of Lone Wolf magic seems to be grounded in alchemy.
I have a question.

I know that LW isn't D&D but I was wondering whether the Magic book will be of much use to those of us using the LW book as a D&D setting?
lol, sable, yes. A _lot_ of people have fond memories of those angry druids (August and Ian themselves commented upon it in their author blurbs). All I can say is that it was probably part of either druid only magik/magikal item, or some right handed magik artefact. (say, a right handed magik spell staff). We will have to wait until both the darklands, and mOm are released to find out for sure (if the gooses put it in that is.)

Again, until then, I would give an adept a brotherhood wand (shaped like a staff, only with a wands power) with the spell lightning hand in it. (tier I). More powerful evil druids might get spellstaffs with LH at all tiers. If a player of yours wants the item after killing the druid, and you don't want him to have it, simply say its a righthanded magik item, and that his char can't use it.

Eryx: I would think so; if you found the spells/elder arts in the rulebook useful, you probably find the stuff in the supp useful too.
Just read this over at the yahoo groups. According to msprange, the mOm supp will be out by...november. GAH! Thats five months...:( How'll we pass the time?
MoM to be expected by November?!?
I was expecting not to see it till next year....
But then again, since August has already been biting the bit of Magnamund for quite some time now, it only stands to reason it wouldn't take him so long to complete the book....

Even more great news for a great game! Thanks guys!