BF Evo, future weapons

I'd like to see a LAV equipped with the dragonfire2 mortar system!

Did anyone else see this episode? episode 7?


I am fuly aware that the 747-laser was designed to intercept ballistic warheads, not to serve as a tank buster . . . I do not unterstand why those guys do not use a railgun system, which would be much ligther and much easier to operate. It could even work ground based. I do not think that the laser system will work very well to intercept ballistic warheads.

We will see what the future brings.


They did it! I can't believe they did it!

Sarcos' prototype exoskeleton:

For more, check back in this thread for Sarcos' and their competitor's work.


More like one step closer to powered battlesuits capable of fighting in any environment. One the downside, it's one more thing to make sure you've brought EXTRA FRIGGIN' BATTERIES for.