ACTA Armageddon Rules - Putting Sheridan in a VCD????


The VCD used to be War level, and putting Sheridan on board would cost an extra Raid point.

What happens now if we put him on the new Armageddon VCD, and will Sheridan be useable on the WS gunship and carrier? Presumably putting him on such a War vessel would mean it cost an Armageddon point?

Seems he would still be worth a Raid at Armageddon level. In all honesty he would not improve a War level to Armageddon any more than he would improve an Armageddon level to Ancient.

As for the new ships... what are their in service dates? Seems that would be the deciding factor there. Although I could see reasons fluff wise for him not being in them, and for him being in them, regardless of dates.
Right, well I got an answer from Matthew today at the SST Evo event.

The new ruling for Sheridan, who is I think the only character affected as the list of allowable ships for G'Sten does not include any new ships is:

Putting sheridan on a War ship raises it to an Armageddon choice

Putting Sheridan on an Armageddon ship costs an additional Raid point (Like War used to.

Actually I think this would have an effect on G'Sten, I'd say putting him on a War ship would now cost an as Armageddon choice.