Who will win the Fifth Frontier War?

As I have mentioned a few times in various places - a multiverse for Traveller is made possible by T5 and reality manipulation technology. Each of these is a different paradigm
small ship OTU
large ship OTU
fusion drives
magic drives (MT reactionless thrusters)
gravitic drives
proto Third Imperium
CT Third Imperium
MgT Third Imperium
GT ATU no rebellion
Empress Wave stl vs ftl or doesn't exist at all...
How about a sourcebook for the different eras?
Now, this has been discussed.

I think it might look something like the Pirates of Drinax, where we do a campaign you can play through, but also enough source information to run your own campaigns beyond that.

Just an idea right now. Way too much happening in Traveller at the moment :)