What do you want?

What would you like to see in the future of ACTA?

  • More ISA? (Bluestar, LotR, etc.)

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  • "Missing" League Fleets? (Cascor, etc.)

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  • Additional era specific ships for all fleets? (Dilgar war, Post Crusade, etc.)

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  • Shadow War era? (1000 years ago)

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  • Missing Canon ships? (please specify in post)

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  • More ships for specific race? (Specify in post)

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  • Other? (Again specify please)

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The trouble is, that is what people want when it comes to fantasy and sci-fi. Take a look at Starship Troopers - people are just not happy with two sides in the conflict. CTA is another good example. If we asked for a general consensus as to whether we should do a new race for CTA (say, one of the League races that have not yet been covered), then the answer would be yes, despite the fact that the game system clearly does not need more variety at the fleet level
In responce to this I figure I'll start a thread asking exactly what people want :wink:
Well, i'm currently waiting for the Drakh. Really looking forward to them, but after that, some new ships for the existing races, perhaps post crusade era or whatever, but still, more ships for what we currently have. Even some more new variants would be nice.

But with SFOS just out, i'm happy to wait a year or two for this to happen, so long as i get to see my Drakh soon
Personally, I´d prefer to see some missing league races first - I´m not even talking about exotic ones like the Cascor or the Grome (they hardly appeared on B5, if at all), but those which were featured strongly in the series and/or the background:

Mainly the Pak´Ma´Ra, the Gaim, the Hyach, and possibly the Ipsha (their ship looks just too cool to be forgotten!).
emperorpenguin said:
and the markab, crucial to the dilgar war

Indeed, and also (the one ship we saw) is on the "ships from the series" list so should be produced.

Plus there's already full scale miniatures for them (waste not want not).

Depending how the Gaim turn out (whose ships we didn't see...) then we'll either need a whole new line or the mix and match approach or Abbai/Centauri/Markab/EA/Brakiri ships that they had under AOG so again we'll need the Markab :)

And the Hyach - we'll need them for the Dilgar War. We didn't see them, and AOG only made FA scale ones, so Mongoose could go for a redesign there if they want (and find a "new" use for the FA ones as other races etc).
I would like to see several things- missing fleets is a good idea, as is additional ears pecific - i.e dilgar war and pre & post crusades, plus a general additional of a few ships for each race.
Well, the EA is getting it's "next generation" ships utilising ISA tech, so I want to see Narn, and League ships get the ISA improved ships too. Obviously the centauri won't get them, so maybe some Drakh inspired Centauri.
As I mentioned elsewhere. more opposition and detail for the Dilgar War era - in particular, extra League Fleet options.
Then, while they're at it, expand on the League Fleets in the "Modern" Era, so we can have more League/ISA vs. Centauri/Drakh

As it is, my new Dilgar will be doing a lot of time travelling for more fun match-ups. But having official era stuff is always satisfying.

And even though we've been told not to hope, I'd still love to see three other Official things:
-- A Tourney List balanced for Battle/War as well as Raid.
-- Another rethink on Fighters, they just don't feel like an important part of the game anymore.
-- TwinLinking for Boresights

I could always see Mr. Morden about those... ;-)
As I'm thinking of it the first one (more ISA) does tend to fall under the categories of either "More Era Specific ships" or "More ships for a specific race" but then again I'm entitled to be prejudice :wink:
Having thought of that however I'd probably actually change my vote (if I could) to More Era specific in the hopes that ISA would still get their ships post/pre-Crusade...
Id definitely want to see mssing ships first (Well Abbai...) and then more ISA era League stuff, with the missing races too.

Dilgar era ships would be pretty good too.

And dont forget about Narn with ISA Improvements. Yes even deadlier weapons tacked onto my troop transports.
I voted 'other'...I'd like to see more of the smaller league races, especially for the Dilgar War period, but also the Belt Alliance and more raiders.

Oh, and the Drakh. Of course!

As i can´t vote twice, i voted for some new ISA ships.
The ISA list is a bit too small I think and having one fleet point filled with Allies,can´t fill the gaps in the list,especially on low level games.

I also think,that the fleet lists existing should be filled up with the missing ships.
Wouldn't mind seeing some of the "missing" Dilgar ships, as well as DW era opposition.
I'd like to see some space stations for all the races! With the Drakh coming soon I don't think we need to see more fleets any time soon.
well, to cover all that i would like to see would be a while and occupy nearly all catagories.

More new age EA and ISA ships for all, and not to mention Drahk/Centari ships to vape would be nice and the fluff/campaign years for those ships would be nice.

I wouldn't mind seeing a Valen/Shadow War series of rules for campaigns.