Ultra light small craft: teaser,proposed releases: Feedback and suggestions requested

Tenacious-Techhunter said:
I would go with “Mini spacecraft” or “Micro spacecraft”. “Ultralight” talks about the wrong thing; weight.
In the strictest sense of the word yes. But its a nice handy generic term that is fairly easy to say. However, Microcraft, and minicraft would work as well.

Artisan Craft,,, as in custom built, form trumps function?
I think a generic small craft works just fine. I don't see the need to further create more classification categories unless you have many, many small craft. If you do, then it's probably easier to track them by types (utility, security/armed, pleasure, etc).
Artisan craft - they could be custom built, but mostly, it's a pun.

As regards to vessel classification, first it would be by role, and then by capability.

There are some hard physical limitations: for example, hundred tons transdimensional capable, ninety nine tonnes, non transdimensional capable.

Softer limits would be stuff like dock clampable, and payloads, whether actual tonnage, or how many weapon systems you can stuff onboard.