Throwing mellee weapons.



If a mellee weapon, such as a dagger or an axe is thrown, does it count as a mellee weapon or a ranged one? In other words, if a Sommerlund Knight hurls a dagger at an opponent, does he have to take a -4 penalty for not being profficient with range weapons?
I would say that if a person is trained to use a dagger, he would be trained to use it in both melee and ranged combat. An axe would suffer a -4 penalty if you threw it, because it's not designed to be thrown - it's an improvised ranged weapon (unless it's a throwing axe, which is a ranged weapon anyway).

That's my interpretation anyway.

From the Lone Wolf main book:

If a melee weapon has a range increment it can be thrown with the normal penalty. (-4 for throwing a melee weapon)


Dagger, Club, Axe, Trident, Spear, Bola, Net, Shurikin can be thrown without penalty.
Handbolts as well, but only when launched from a Shiel-fa