Core22 Rules Clarification: Scope Trait (pg79)


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The core rules give the range modifiers for long and extreme range based on the multiples of the effective range of any weapon on page 76. up to x2 effective is long for a DM -2 and up to x4 effective is Extreme for a DM -4. Simple.

Then on page 79 for the Scope trait, it reads: "A weapon with the Scope trait ignores the rule that limits all attacks made at a range greater than 100 metres are automatically treated as being at Extreme range, so long as the Traveller aims before shooting."

Now I am confused;

1) where is this rule about 100M automatically means Extreme?

2) Assuming that is the case then, when I read the table for a Gauss Rifle (range 600m, with auto and scope traits), do I assume that a 700m shot is at -2 if I do NOT aim or -4 because of the 100m rule?

3) If I am at 1500m and aiming, which would be -4 due to extreme, does the scope do anything for me? If I am not aiming at 1500m is there an additional penalty on top of the -4 due to range? or it the ranged capped at 1200m if not aiming?

4) For the Gauss Rifle, which also has the auto trait (and thus no aim or scope when used), if I am firing full auto at 700m or 1500m, is it just -2 and -4 respectively? All -4? an extreme range now set to a cap of 1200m and thus 1500m is now not possible?
It is on page 77, the continuation of the Range discussion on page 76.

"Note that unless a weapon has the Scope trait (see page 79), all attacks made at a range greater than 100 metres are automatically considered to be Extreme Range. This assumes the Traveller is in a combat situation – if the Traveller is in a no-stress environment, the referee is free to increase this to 300 metres."

2) If you fire a gauss rifle at 700m without aiming, you take a -4 for range.

3) If you are already at extreme range, the scope doesn't really matter other than any bonuses it might have besides the *Scope* trait itself, such as Holographic Sights providing a +1 or the Electronic Scope giving Low Light enhancement.

4) Full Auto at more than 100m is always at -4 for range up to 4x the weapon's range. Other modifiers may apply.
The intention is that if you want to hit anything beyond a hundred meters, you need to be either really good, really lucky, or take the time to aim with a scope.

A Gauss Rifle's 600m range means you can:

Fire up to 100m with autofire at +0. Beyond 100m, all autofire is -4.
Take a single shot up to 150m at Aiming Modifier +1.
Take a single shot up to 600m at Aiming Modifier
Take a single shot up to 1200m at Aiming Modifier -2
Take a single shot up to 2400m at Aiming Modifier -4.
A less extreme example would be a Big Game Rifle with a 200m range and a basic scope.

Short Range is 50m
Regular Range, unaimed = 51 to 100m
Regular Range, Aimed = 51 to 200m
Long Range, Aimed = 201 to 400m
Extreme Range, Unaimed is 101 to 800m
Extreme Range, Aimed is 401 to 800m.
Thank you!

Now, as for the laser sight, nothing in it's entry on page 135 in core22 says it needs to be aimed to get the benefit. Also, it either emits a visible laser at tech 8 or is integral at TL10, thus not aimed like a scope would be. I think these things nowadays are used with automatic fire or at least burst fire.

Do we get the bonus for laser sights if we don't take the aiming action?
Yes. The point of laser sights is that you can see exactly where you are pointing the gun, at least with the visible lasers. If your character can't see UV through goggles or other gear, they might have to look through the gun's sights with an invisible laser, but the full "AIM" action is still not necessary.
Honestly, in IRL I had a Glock with a laser sight recoil spring. I found I was more accurate at different ranges just using factory aperture sights.
Bow of Accuracy, Eyelens of the Eagle.

It's based on the Mark One Eyeball, and tools that improve your chances of hitting something.

Since the game doesn't measure eyesight (mine improved after my lenses got nuked), you need some mechanism to do that; stress free situation and relaxed breathing increases unaided targetting beyond default range for sidearms.

Close quarters, you probably want an automatic carbine and laser pointer.

I hear the Kalashnikov is becoming popular again.