The Third Imperium Book and IMTU


Emperor Mongoose
So, I've pre-ordered and d/l'd my copy of 'The Third Imperium' book.

By and large, this is a VERY solid effort. It's clear that the goal of the author is make the Imperial Core far more vibrant and far less boring than it has heretofore assumed to have been. And they really did do that very well. I love that they've included elements of Agent of the Imperium, and I especially love the inclusion of the political stressors in the heart of the Empire. The whole Chanestin cultural thing is a very interesting read, especially given that I personally have a complete collection of T4 and knew about Sylea's Chanestin War. I love that Kamsii was included as the 'Disneyland of Core', and the effort to include much of the wonderful Digest Group material [the design of the Imperial Palace, for example]. And the new material is entirely worthwhile. Lots of new races, beasts, and character generation options are available.

Where I diverge from book and the author's vision is really two minor things and one major issue:
- I really do prefer my concept of the Imperial Flagship Zhunastu over the Imperial Yacht /pleasure barge Imperial Glory. The Glory looks like something that Lucan and Varian spend time arguing about rather than something Strephon would travel in. My vision of him is more of an Emperor who is entirely too serious for that sort of nonsense.
- I think that the author's portrayal of most of the Imperial nobility as banal, decadent absentee landlords does them a disservice. The press can call them that, but if you're going to talk about the true situation then there needs to be a more balanced view. Yes, there is decadence and banality at the highest levels of Court... Lucan is the Duke of Sanches and couldn't give a fig for his fief except for the revenues it provides him. But nobles like Duke Norris in the Marches and Duchess deMae in Core put the lie to that depiction. Clearly there is a truth somewhere in the middle.
- Lastly, I think I'm going with the United Armies model for fielding a standardized deployable Army force able to respond within a reasonable time to the needs of the Iridium Throne. I think the model in this book is too haphazard to realistically be able to get troops to where they need to be in sufficient time to be of any use. But that's the old Army veteran in me talking.

Overall, I'm VERY glad I bought this book. I'll be making a lot of use of it, and I consider this money well spent.