the invisible Tyr Bomber?


Ya'll may have seen this before, but as I was reading through the Earth Alliance Fact Book, specifically the section on Ground Forces equipment. The Tyr bomber is menioned several times in the text of certain pieces of equipment (Heimdall Fighter-Bomber, Mjolnir Cruise Missile). However, a full description of this vehicle is not present. Mostly, I am just looking for the description and capabilities on this craft. Do you think you could post it if you have it somewhere :?:


Going *slightly* off topic, but I just wanted to say:

Whilst playtesting GROPOS I sent in a proposal for an attack aircraft called the Tyr.

Probably just coincidence. Its an obvious name for the designers to pick for an aircraft.

Not suggesting for a second that somebody "stole" my idea - would just be interested in knowing whther my idea of so long ago had been implemented, or whether this was a case of "parralel design". Probbaly the latter.
I got nothing on the Tyr. Only info I have comes out of AoG's GROPOS. In there the EA atmospheric bomber is the Banshee, while their fighter/bomber is the Wraith as opposed to the Heimdell.