The Borderland


Banded Mongoose
I enjoyed the original Borderland product. I also love Pirates of Drinax. Will the new Borderland book make some attempt to reconcile some issues between to two?

One area of concern for me is the interface between the old Kingdom of Drinax and The Borderland. The Trojan Reach book in POD makes it clear that Paal was associated with Drinax. There is no mention of a Sink and Drinax connection. Byrni is presented as never even realizing that Drinax existed even though it is 2 parsecs from Paal. Drinax was the big power in the area for many centuries until its demise two centuries before POD. It doesn't make much sense that Byrni was so clueless.

Perhaps Byrni should be recast as one of those worlds that succesfully resisted Drinaxian claims over the centuries. Perhaps Drinax stopped at Paal and Sink was no-mans land between the two?

I guess what I would like is for the 'historical' extent of the Sindalian Empire and the Kingdom of Drinax to be tightened up a bit and made more internally consistent. I am not as much concerned by the nebulous extent of Sindalian Empire since it fell long ago, but the fall of Drinax wasn't all that long ago as polities go - perhaps some very old people (maybe on anagathics) remember their parents telling them of life in the Kingdom before the fall. Since Drinax lasted far longer and more recently, those worlds that were under the sway of Drinax should be far more influenced by those memories than by memories of Sindal.

Anyway, I am looking forward to whatever we get...
It touches on this lightly - the focus is very much on presenting this area as a current day location to explore.
The Borderland product from 2015 is superb. The ship classification section is well done and gives the region some local flavor. In a new product like this, I like to see some additional content for NPC personalities of the area and more about the society and trade of the region. I also agree with the original post's comments about the region's history and connections with recent Drinax & ancient Sindal. I hope that this new product adds to the content of this topic and not just reproduce the prior product. Thank you