Subbing in other races in Drow Wars, how easy ?


I was wanting to try on the drow wars with my group, but instead of Drow I was wanting to use Shades (forgotten realms).. How much work will there be? I have etools so Stating out guys will be easy. However will replacing the race hurt the storyline that much?
It shouldn't be that hard. Drow don't appear in significant numbers until very late in Book I. Book II might require more conversion work, as they appear early and hang around as a constant presence. Book III might present some unique problems in regards to the Threnody, a band of renegade Drow.

Anyhow, the baddies in th DW series need to be:

a) Organized. These are Lawful Evil villains for a reason
b) Subterranean.
c) Ancient. There has to be some bad historical blood between the villains and the Elves. Several plots depend on memories of ancient wrongs.