Street date for Centauri Republic?

Last word was it was still at the WB awaiting approval.

I would guess a month to a month an a half after mongoose recieves it before it hits the store.

I think I remember Chameleon Eclectic dropped the license because they said that WB just plain took to long to aprove material.

I hope that doesn't happen with mongoose, as their doing such an awesome job.

Razuur said:
I think I remember Chameleon Eclectic dropped the license because they said that WB just plain took to long to aprove material.

CE "dropped the licence" in the sense that they lost it...
Good thing to. I was pretty disappointed with Babylon project. I have been amazed at how good the Mongoose edition is. There is so much info in the core book alone and I like the extra info at the end of each episode. Centauri mines, transport routes, raider command and control ship. It's good stuff. The CE edition was no where as good and it didn't have a single picture from the show. It was all artwork and not altogether good art work [my opinion only].
Yeah, I remember the CE B5 game as well (he says, looking at it on his shelf). I did like the hit locations element though - at least in concept. The timeframe of the CE B5 game was a bit odd though - it began after the Earth-Minbari war, and finished at 'The Coming of Shadows'.

Plus, at the start, there was some bizarre import restriction on getting it (the US version) to the UK, until they produced a UK version specifically. Something to do with the licence, IIRC. I never got the Earth Colonies book (can't remember if it actually came out), but did get the EF book.

Not a patch on the Mongoose stuff though. The CE stuff is somewhat interesting (mainly the stuff around the forming of the Babylon Project, and Senator Natawe), but only for reference these days, and becoming less so with every release Mongoose do.
CE did three things for The Babylon Project. They produced the main book, the earth sourcebook, and a GM screen. That stuff was good for the longest time since it gave you more info than you could usually find for B5 until the stuff from Mongoose came out.

The biggest thing that makes the D20 version better than the CE version (other than the art) is a good game mechanic. Even with the problems that people have with D20 it's better than "roll 2D6 and take the highest number, better hope the positive die is higher"

Chance people can live with, but the old B5 game mechanic has a little too much chance for most people.
One problem I saw was the lack of range for the die rolls.

Another was the snake eyes and double six results. True each of them were 1 in 36 or less than 3% when compaired to a 1 or 20 on the d20 system with each being 5%.

The combat system had some promise but was difficult for me to use.

We ended up using Champions to run our B5 campaign.
I was quite happy with "The Babylon Project" except for its numerous errors in the game sheets and diagrams. The rule system was very flat - except for combat - which I liked much better than the "May be used once in a month" etc. regulations in the new d20 game. And I absolutely loved the Fortune Points concept! :lol:

But anyway, the Mongoose game is great and I hope they write much more of it! :D

By the way: You could do me and several other players a favour and re-publish "Babylon 5 Wars" stuff and miniatures? :cry: Pleeeease!!!