Steampunk:War of the Worlds


I am planning on running a campaign based on the idea that the martians in War of the Worlds were just an expeditionary force, sent to test Earth's defences. The martian elite find a way to survive on Earth and start a plan to transform our planet into one more hospitable to them.

Basically using this as a plot device to have the heroes fighting bio-engineered monsters and martians in war-machines. Scientists have figured out some of the theories behind martian technology. That's why there is such a big jump in scientific developement.

I want to tone down the fantasy aspect a bit, maybe even cut out the Eldrath and Revenants. Hybrids and Cogs could stay, being the creations of mad scientist types. The Occult magic system could stay. Maybe the martians could even be the servitors of some elder, god-like being (who Shall-Not-Be-Named here) trapped somehow here on Earth.

Any way, since creatures and NPC supporting cast were left out of the Steampunk rules, I was just curious if anyone had any creature creation guidlines they use. I'm eager to make up some martians and their murderous minions! :twisted: And also, has anyone tried to write up any characters such as Captain Nemo, Sherlock Holmes, or Tarzan?