Starting up with ACTA.


So I was in my shop, and found some old AOG B5 miniatures. I bought a Vree ship, and I love it. There are some mor blisters there, and I am going to buy them out. I do not see the appeal in collecting abbai, I never got to interested in them in the series, but the ships are nice.

Si, to surmise, I am getting into the game. I mostly post on the starship troopers forum. What else? I have to by the revised edition to get the rules, but I am really fired up about the game now. I played with the old starter set including Narn and Centauri combats, and they were nice. Can't wait to see what the new one is like.

How do you guys find Abbai?
I'm thinking of going with a metallic black colour scheme.
I have tomorrow off work so I am going into the shop and planning on picking up a bunch of miniatures. Ill update you guys tomorrow on it. Its gonna be cool, by the time I get the rules I wil have my miniatures done. I know there are counters in the set, but minis are nice too!
Welcome to the game!

Abbai look cool and have lots of defense. However they're vulnerable to beam weapons (Minbari, Centauri, Vorlons, et.)
personally i love abbai, their ships are just really nice. playing with them is not easy, but once you get the basics it can be really fun
Picked up two vree ships, an Earth alliance one, and three abbai. Just need to put em together and prime em tomorrow.
Love the Abbai. Precise is your big thing, but the range is short. The comm disruptor is a cool toy, but do not include until you have some real firepower. Do not be fooled by the big stack of dice on the bimith/lakara. Most of these will simply fly away against a hull 5/interceptor or hull 6 ship. Push for laser shots unless you know multiple ships will get to fire on the same target with the quads. Use 'activate defense grid' often with the bimith on the approach.

Big issue is the range on many combined with the speed. Hard race to win if your opponent knows what he is doing as he will avoid some the shorter ranged guns. Your durability is only good because of interceptors, so if you end up against a beam fleet think of yourself as a Narn with weaker beams.

The metallic black does sound cool. Let us see some when you get them done. I went with the more traditional blue, but am thinking about a sea-green/foam color for my next batch. I am fairly heavily influenced by the fluff of the sea ladies thing.
The Abbai have ben my first fleet, too. One of the things I´ve alwasy had most fun with is getting right in betwen enemy fleets (I play a lot of mulitiplayer games), and fire at everyone and everything at once! I love all those AD... and when my opponents think that my Bimith is my most dangerous ship (all those impressive AD...), I pickthem of with combat lasers.

Personally, I love the Lakara - I have 3 of them, and am still waiting to use all of them at once in a game.

Oh, and did I mention all those wonderful AD on Abbai ships?

This coming from a guy who plays Dilgar..... at least your race is still around

I may do metallic blue with torquise on parts. Im gonna finish my fleet in a few days. My LGS owner is clearing off all the old B5 Wards stuff, so IU will have a fairly decent fleet of Abbai soon!
Just figured out white I got for the Abbai: 2 Bimmith Defenders, 2 Millani Carriers, and a Lakara cruiser, for about a third of the price they normally are. Gonna stock up on some more of these.... about four or five of each...
That should give you a pretty comprehensive fleet, all you would then need are a some Tiracs and the Kotha fighters (for those carriers) to complete the set.
Mage said:
I may do metallic blue with torquise on parts.

copycat! :lol:

i did something very similar on my Abbai ships; metallic blues and greens along with gold, all nicely blended to give them a nice aquatic feel (seeing as they looked to be aquatic on the show).

don`t have a camera or i would have posted some pics of them. :oops:
Blue is a typo, I meant black! It was in one of the posts further up. Just primed them black now.
Halfway there already! 8)