Traveller 2E TAS InDesign Template From DriveThruRPG


Banded Mongoose
Hi Team,

I'm currently completing my first Traveller 2E adventure which I'm hoping to publish under the Mongoose/TAS rules.

I've downloaded the TAS InDEsign templates from and have a 7-day trial of InDesign on the go...

I am new to this product but am struggling with several issues:

1) Mongoose white.psd and Trav4.psd appear to be missing
2) There are multiple font issues with InDesign displaying a message: This document contains Type 1 fonts which are no longer supported. Please replace using Type>Find/replace font

I have installed the fonts listed on the DriveThruRPG page but am still missing Trade Gothic fonts, which I believe are part of Adobe's font set...

Are these templates up to date? Are there newer ones? Is there any guidance on using the template to produce 3rd party publications under the rules?

Any help gratefully received! I really do not want to use Word!

Best regards,

~ Coryphon ~
Actually as I'm exploring a bit more, Affinity Publisher can import InDesign IDML files. So simple a re-export of those could serve the Affinity folks out there.

And if those folks have the full Affinity suite (Designer, Photo and Publisher) you can do everything from within Publisher (vector graphics, dynamic text, etc from Designer as well as adding images and fully editing them from Photo). It's a great set of software for a reasonable one-time purchase, no subscription model here.
Very keen to see this.
I am interested in publishing my Florian League campaign materials under TAS.
I wonder if the new way of doing authorized content would be better. If you publish under TAS it has to stay only on DriveThru as PDF or Print on Demand.

The new content publishing would (I think Matt would have to chime in) mean you could publish anywhere, including VTT files, and also sell the PDF etc on DriveThru without being restricted to only there.

I think.