Mysteries of the Ancients question (spoiler!)


I am still making my way through the adventure and am really impressed, looking forward to GM this.

I have reached the part where the PCs meet Mercedes, and the Glisten Pearl shows up very shortly after. While that makes a nice scene: Is there any in-adventure reason what actually led the Pearl to this backwater planet, not even part of the Imperium?

If necessary, I am sure I can come up with something on my own. But I wonder whether I have overlooked anything ... ?
That ship is a spyship for the Imperium's anti-ancients' group. It is theoretically keeping tabs on the PCs after earlier events. But it'll depend on exactly what happens in your version of the story as to how and why it knows to show up there.
That's what I figured. One current idea is to have the Captain of Knowledge overhear (by placing a bug?) part of the conversation between Vlen and the PCs where Pagaton is mentioned, and then trying to flaunt his own importance to Omicron by passing on that nugget of information. But we'll see how things develop in-game ...