Stargate RPG for Traveller


I've been working on a Stargate setting for the Traveller system for the past couple months and have a draft version for review.

It is just a framework, designed to be used in conjunction with the main Traveller rulebook and the AEG Stargate books (for the extensive information therein).

It is available in pdf here:

Most of what is in the pdf is from Stargate SG-1, but I am working on Atlantis material also. Comments and critique are welcome.


*Edit Note: The hyperlink looks funky, but I tested it and it works :)
Very Awesome job...

Wow where did you get the stats for the O'Neil Heavy Cruiser? Also where did you get the pics for it? Details...we need details/spoilers!!!

Awesome job my friend!

The O'Neill heavy cruiser was a lot of guesswork. It was stated to be the most advanced ship the Asgard had ever produced - tougher, faster, more heavily armed, etc.

So with that in mind, and based on available pics, I made it half again the displacement of the Bilskirnir and built it with the maximum speed and shielding the Asgard were capable of at their tech level. It also has a more heterogeneous mix of weaponry for dealing with different combat situations.

The Gjaller class destroyer is my creation. I wanted to make a small, fast, lethal ship for the Asgard in my game. There's no canon for it.

The Ymir science vessel was not named, but was seen in the Loki episode of SG-1. I pulled Ymir out of Norse mythology. Ymir was the first giant, slain by Odin and his body used to create the heavens and the earth (sounded cool to me).

As for the pictures themselves, they all came from the Stargate wiki:

This site has given me a boatload of info and people have posted some really stellar (pun intended) pictures which I used in the pdf. If you're a fan of the series, it's worth a look.

I am thinking about giving this a spin here in the near future. Any updates since your last post. :}
Looking it over. I ran a campaign for a year in the d20 Stargate game by AEG. Was great, and this looks good too.
I'm working on the ships again and making changes to the Cap ship combat system to make it work with Stargate ships - which have less weapons than Traveller equivalents and have damage stopping shields.

It's been a bit of a bear to make it work and I'm never quite satisfied, but the latest reworks look good.

I'll probably post a new update once I have the Tauri and Goa'uld ships done.

yes that sounds very nice, and pretty cool to. I'd love to be able to run Stargate style starship combat using MGT.
Here is the newest update. Earth and Goa'uld ships have been reworked and Asgard are being worked on.

I settled on using a hybrid system that is 95% standard MGT main rulebook, only the damage system is changed. It seems to capture the feel of ship combat in Stargate, which is more like Star Trek than Traveller.

Also made a couple tweaks here and there - staff weapon and plasma repeater damage and the Goa'uld Ashrak.

Anyway, take a look here:

Let me know what ya think,

EDIT: New update with Asgard ships and shield regeneration rules.
New update. Did some updates on Goa'uld ships and added 3 new ones, including pictures.

Ra's old style pyramid ship
Goa'uld troop carrier
Osiris' old transport

Updated links in all previous posts as well.

stouty sounds very interesting - any chance of a more direct URL (i.e. one ending in .pdf).
The link works for me.... it goes to the Mediafire download page for the pdf. I even logged myself out and tried it and it worked :?:

I'll see if I can find another place to host the pdf.

New place to get the Stargate pdf. Nothing fancy, but it works if you right click and select "Save As"

I'll update to both Mediafire and my Comcast site.

Hey stouty- thanks for the alternate link!

And Wow! - that's quit a sizable and nice looking bit of work... Thanks for sharing!