Standing Together Tournament - Swindon, 8th March

Well, went to fill up my car yesterday in preparation for the run up on saturday - a previously small and occasional fuel leak seems to have developed into a minor flood, so I've had to drop it at my local garage.
Hopefully they can fix by tonight, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

May not be able to make it!
Last day before the event, and no miraculous fairy godmothers have appeared to take me to the ball. Good luck to all who attend, and as always, bring back lots of pics and news :)
Well that's my bag packed, all I need to do is get up at 5 tomorrow morning.

Think I might settle on the sofa and watch something on the DVD player for inspiration, currently thinking either the Ivanova vs Shadow Omega episode, or S:AAB's "Angriest Angel"

See some of you in the cafe tomorrow hopefully.

Well, never bothered with a DVD< went to bed, managed to get up at stupid o'clock.

Leaving for the station in about 20 minutes.

See you there.