Paranoia Mandatory Fun is available right now!


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PARANOIA MANDATORY FUN is available right now!

Mandatory Fun cover front.jpg
You know what is fun? [besides Paranoia]
Middle management!!!

Experience the Agile and High Stakes world of Pre-Whoops economic Financial investments. [what could possibly go wrong...]
Move that Needle, crush those Pain-Points and don't forget to circle back and grab those high hanging vegetables by end of play today.
[but don't stress. We have some very fun, very mandatory team building activities planned for all of you]

"You know what pisses off rich people (besides poor
people that is)? Not having enough to buy. What is the
use of a fat bank account when you cannot buy very
expensive items to show your wealth off to others?

That's why citizen Gene-I-JRD thumbed through some
Pre-Whoops economic textbooks and implemented a
new product: Financial investments. Now, the obscenely
rich can lend their XP Points to others for a project. Too
bad that Indigo citizen hired Troubleshooters to serve as
middle management in this new company.

Mandatory Fun is a new mission for Paranoia that
satirises corporations, including the relentless drive
for profits, efficiency, cost-cutting, and mandatory fun
like birthday parties. (Decanting Day parties in Alpha
Complex.) Players get to run a presentation to people
who could easily kill them; translate a memo from
corporate buzzwords to plain English; and explain to an
Indigo citizen why they lost all their money. Yep, that will
go over well."

Pre-order your Physical edition today and get your free PDF copy immediately!

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