Spells of Legend

By the way, would you like all those shiny Common Magic spells that I removed a while back? Turns out that the project I needed them for has been completed, more or less, and they can now benefit Legend players again.

Hope you kept the list.
I just wanted to make absolutely sure that they were no longer needed before resubmitting them for inclusion in the book. I am now certain.
I have v3.2 of the Spells of Legend file here still.

As Prime_Evil's files have disappeared I wondered if any of the other contributors would mind if I put a copy into my website's space and link to it here so it is still available?

Maybe, at some point in the future, I might remake and update the file if Prime_Evil is not inclined to do it himself.

Thoughts, all?
Glad to hear people have missed me! :)

I apologise that the old links broke. I'll fix it when I get home tonight.

I have an updated version of the document and will try to get it into a fit state to share. I haven't done a lot with Legend over the past few months - my gaming group has been on an extended hiatus. Give me a couple of days and I'll try to post the next version.

Also, I'm waiting to see which way Mongoose goes with the licensing now the OGL is dead in the water. I know they are looking at the ORC licence for the Traveller Open Content Program and have been taking legal advice about this. I hope they will release Legend under ORC so we can all take advantage of the synergies with Chaosium's BRP release.