Spawn of the Serpent


Hail All! Just wanted to share this with everyone. I rather enjoyed the templates in CAE and Scrolls of Skelos and so inspired, I shamelessly copied the main points of the Spawn of Dagoth Hill template and converted it into the Spawn of the Serpent. Enjoy...

Spawn of the Serpent

Spawn of the Serpent are bred from dark and depraved practices deep within the shadow-haunted temples of the ancient, Stygian god Set. Through unholy congress between young virgin maidens of noble birth and demon-possessed Sons of Set, these blasphemous rituals are presided over by Setite High Priests and blessed by the Great Scaled One himself.

Creating a Spawn of the Serpent
A "Spawn of the Serpent" is an inherited template that can be added to any of Stygian or Acheronian descent referred to hereafter as the base creature.

A Spawn of the Serpent uses all of the base creature's statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

Size and Type: The creature's type changes to outsider. Do not change Hit Dice, base attack bonus, or saves. Size is unchanged. Spawn of the Serpent are native outsiders.

Speed: As the base creature.

Damage Reduction: Natural DR improves by +1. This stacks with any natural DR that the base creature has.

Attacks: As the base creature.

Special Attacks: As the base creature.

Special Qualities: All of the special qualities of the base creature and the following special qualities.

* Darkvision out to 30 feet.
* Scent (Ex) (See page 299 in CAE.)

Spells: Although the Spawn of the Serpent gains no particular bonus spells, she is particularly effective with a narrow range of spells due to the unique circumstances of her birth. Whenever she casts a Summon Demon, Summon Beast (snakes only), Animal Ally (snakes only), or Summon Beast, Greater (snakes only), her scholar level is considered to be +2 for purposes of both the maximum HD that can be summoned and the duration of the spell.

Favoured Class: Change to scholar.

Base Power Points: Increase by +4.

Abilities: Adjust from the base creature as follows: Dex +2, Con -2.

Fate Points: Reduce by -2.

Skills: Spawn of the Serpent gain a +2 racial bonus to all Handle Animal checks when dealing with snakes only.

Languages: Spawn of the Serpent automatically know Demonic in addition to any other languages that they may know.

Corruption: As base creature +2.
I like the idea! Thanks for sharing! There was some time ago free pdf on that described a Child of Set prestige class - could be you interested in it.

Maybe the upcoming Bestiary will contain several of these Spawn-templates? E.g. something along the Brood of Ymir from the Cimmerian trilogy...
Because of the serpent nature of the spawn you could substitute the various boni in your version with boni for Hypnotism spells. Just an idea.
Thanks Rene. I have the PDF, it is called "Barbaric Sorcerer". It has a lot of good feats for sorcerers in it . Some of them like "Summoner" in the main book, bestow similar bonuses to their respective sorcery styles.

As for your suggestion concerning adding bonuses to certain spells of the Hypnotism sorcery style, I had thought about that too and agonized for awhile on deciding what to provide bonuses for without making the template too powerful. Perhaps it might be an idea to allow the player taking the feat to choose between a few options (Summon Demon or a couple Hypnotism spells) to accomodate her character concept.