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Lawn Mower Robot

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Disclaimer: I know, it is not very usefull in Traveller but I wanted to try out the construction rules in the Robot Handbook with something simple.

As with vehicles we start with gathering information about the original.

Tech Level(TL)
TL at the beginning of the 21nd cenutry is 7 or 8 => TL 8.

The size is something between a cat and dog. => Size 2

Most lawn mower robots have 4 wheels. => Wheels

Chassis Option
Nothing special about the chassis. => Just base protection

Locomotion Modification
Nothing special about the locomotion. => None

In a broader sense mowing blade(s) may be seen as manipulator but are too simple to warrent
the costs of the default manipulator. The mowing blade(s) will be included as a Slot Option.
=> Remove both standard manipulators

Default Suite
Various methods of navigating for lawn mower robots have already been implemented. Ranging from setting up a special
perimeter fence/wire, so the robot knows the bounderies of the lawn, up to GPS-navigation.
This example uses a garage/docking station which doubles as a point of recharging the robots and a fixed starting point
for some form of dead-reckoning navigation. The user will use a remote control to define up to 20 points the form
an irregular shape of the perimeter by driving the robot by hand to these points in sequence.

So we give it:
  • Visual Spectrum Sensors to avoid obstacles in its path.
  • A Wireless Data Link to connect the remote control.
  • A Drone Interface for remote control to read status information from the robot and to program its perimeter.
  • A Video Screen(low resolution LCD) for a simple display of the robots status, e.g. charge level of batteries.
  • A free Zero-Slot

Slot Cost Option
Mowing Blade(s) can be considered an agricultural equipment. => Agricultural Equipment(small)

Just moving, navigating and mowing needed as a function. => Primitive
Stats using the Robot Handbook

Name: Lawn Mower Robot
With about 60 x 50 x 30 cm this robot is barely more than a box with four wheels and small mowing blades.
It comes with a garage/docking station, which is both the starting point for a form of dead reckoning navigation and its charging station(solar panels or connected to the power grid).
The user has to define the area for mowing by driving the robot with a remote control to up to 20 points, which define the perimeter of an irregular shape of an area of operation.
In addition the remote control can be used to get status information from the robotic mower, which has a small LCD display for this purpose as well.
With its Visual Spectrum Sensors the robot is able to avoid obstacles in its path, either by stopping completely or by moving in a different direction.

Lawn Mower Robot4Wheels5m8Cr520
SkillsProfession(domestic lawn mower) 2
Endurance72 hours
TraitsArmour(+2), Small(-3)
ProgrammingPrimitive(lawn mower)(INT 1)
OptionsAgricultural Equipment(mowing blades, small), Drone Interface, Video Screen(low resolution LCD), Visual Spectrum Sensors, Wireless Data Link
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