So I kicked off My PoD campaign today...


Cosmic Mongoose
So today kicked off the day I have been preparing for, for many months, Game 1 of My Pirates of Drinax Campaign. I have 6 players, 4 of which will be present at any given game session. Today was the character creation session. The players are, My wife, My son-in-law, and 4 of Our 5 kids. To say that it went anywhere near what I had planned in My head beforehand, would be a gross misrepresentation of the chaos that

We ended up with a Zhodani Tavchedl' as the Captain, an Asimi Baron who lived among the Aslan for 2 terms after being taken prisoner by pirates, a Zhodani Pilot, Zhodani Engineer and agent of the Tozjabr, a Zhodani doctor / psychologist, and a Zhodani Tozjabr / Diplomat. They are backed up on their ship by a few Guardsmen as deckhands / cargohaulers. They didn't want the Harrier, so they convinced Princess Rao to encourage her father to give it to Lord Wrax, earning him as an ally for Princess Rao, right out of the gate. They are entering the game as Princess Rao's hidden Zhodani allies. So I am starting them off with a modified 600-ton liner, that is used as an "Intelligence Transport". It is made to look way more run down than it actually is to help maintain a low profile for it's crew of Zhodani spies.

As part of character creation we did a little scene with Rao, where she gives them a commission as a Drinaxi Q-ship in addition to a key to a Vault somewhere on Paal. She gives them a few tons of the random precious junk lying around the Floating Palace, to take to spec trade and use as a cover to keep people from getting too curious. That is where We ended. I am starting of by running Part One of Shadows of Sindal.

I am running the entire game in Spanish as My family does not speak English. All of My books are in English and My Spanish is not bad for day to day use, but talking Traveller in Spanish is not one of the easier games I have tried to run over the btw... Their character sheets are in English too, so they have character sheets they can only partly read...

I will post updates to this thread as We continue the campaign, just in case anyone wants to hear about the random chaos a party of children can create when a parent runs a

As a fyi... So far for character names, we have Ranchita (after a local brand of Doritos), the doctor, Jorge Mango (because My wife was eating a mango at the time), the Aslan expert, and Bob, the female engineer. (because My daughter thought Bob was a common name among American girls, not Bobbie, or Roberta, no...

That should give you guys an idea how this campaign is going to go... :p