Runic Use In MRQ - Time to get clever!



Lets all carry our handy bits of bark or unmelting icicles with Cold runes in then and jangle around like a 50 year old woman at a Folk festival, but there has to be more to Runes that such a 'cheap' magic talisman idea.

If runes are created (so the MRQ rules state) from the blood/rainfall of the Gods them they could 'infect' anything, right!

How about a 150 year old Oak tree infected with Movement, Chaos and Fire.....

How about a Township of traders that settles near a 5 tonne rock with a high level/power Trade/Truth rune affiliate to it...

Its all too convenient to imagine that runes would only exist imprinted on carryable things..why not go further.

Also Runes should be more than attunable. You should be able to become more engrossed/entwined with a rune so that all others fall by the way side and you actually become more elemental and superhero like the deeper your association goes!

Maybe some runes are incompatable, maybe some spells require multiple runes (I think in terms of Magic the Gathering and the colour of each spell, with multiple spells possessing multiple traits).

Maybe a bow with movement and a fires woudl fire arrows without Strike rank penalties which form firebolts to boot.....

There is alot of conceptual mileage here and I dont think anyone has tapped it fully yet.

I love the idea of the 'plain packages' games, and user supplements on ideas like runes would be brilliant.

RuneQuest was criticised mainly in my eyes by the lack of real depth in the Runic integration in Cults, God, Magic and society. It appears that MRQ may have planted the seeds to finally getting it right!

No I didn't.

I had a quick scan for similar threads but must have missed it...hey this sites up to more than 7 pages, I can't even find 2 matching socks these days.

Would you link me if I can't find it?

Likewise fancy trying to get ideas together and work something out...possibly in a brown paper envelope!