Question for the experts


I am running my JD campaign at a slightly earlier time than that targeted in the game, just after the Apocalypse War. Apart from the change to the lawgiver, would you say there are any other modifications needed to the equipment?

I believe they used to charry a hypo dart, any ideas?


I am sure that Matt Sharp can answer most of the question here Steve if he isnt to busy. As far as I know the only difference pre-Apocalypse War is the Lawgiver MKII and the Lawmaster MKIII. I am not to sure just when the Manta Prowl Tank made its first apperance without trawling through a pile of comics almost as tall as me, but pretty sure it was just after the war.

There where far more helms on the streets back in 2104 than now (2126) so bear that in mind. Other than that and the fact that the PSU has to be mentioned in the comics you should have no problems. Though it may be worth remembering that the fatty craze is still in its infancy before the war and fatties are not as commonplace as they will soon become.

How soon after the Apocalypse War are you running the campaign Steve? The Apocalypse War happened in 2104. Most of Mega-City One was in ruins afterwards, and millions were homeless, setting up more makeshift shanty towns in and outside the walls. Judge McGruder, head of the SJS, took over as Chief Judge. She stayed in power until 2108 when she took the Long Walk and Judge Silver became the new Chief Judge.

The Justice Department was at an all time low for number of judges and they starting rushing people thorugh the training, hence the "lesser quality" judges who are more prone to corruption.

The city was gradually rebuilt over the next 2 years, but many parts were still in ruins, and irradiated Sectors (or Rad-pits) were dotted around the city. Disease was a common hazard, and pollution was not diminished by tough laws. Unemployment reached nearly 90%, and many bored citizens turned to crime, often just for something to do. A wave of insane crazes swept the city, inspired by controversial vid shows and renegade Juve gangs.

I hope that helps. If you can pinpoint a more firm timeline, I can look through my graphic novels for more details. I would imagine that a lot of the technology would be reduced... for example the Mech Judges have not been designed yet. Dredd has not been to Oz yet, Necropolis has not happened, I believe Orlok the Assassin is currently on the loose... though his name has always bugged me since he is more of a mass-murderer than an assassin.

Anyway, tell us more.

Cheers for the feedback, especially Arabin, damn you’re a DreddHead (meant in the nicest possible way).

I didn’t think there was a lot of difference, I am using the lawgiver MK I, because more of my players can relate to that era. Also I think it’s more of a challenge to use, as they have to pick what ammo they carry and it’s amazing how often they have the wrong ammo for the job, or how often they run out of a specific ammo type.

The timeline isn’t hard set as most of my players aren’t that aware of Mega-City history and thus far hasn’t been relevant. I am tempted to have them involved in the Apocalypse War, but I don’t just want a continuous gun fest, but if played right could be good fun.

Is there any intention for any JD supplements for the Cursed Earth or the Dark Judges?
Heh, no offense taken. A great timeline resource is available on the official 2000AD website which is what I used to expand upon my limited memory of events. You can find it here:

Orlok is a very cool character, but I still think his name is a little odd. I don't recall him ever assassinating anyone (thought I'm probably wrong), but he has repeatedly cause multiple deaths intentionally.

As for supplements on the Cursed Earth and the Dark Judges. These are both ones that have been mentioned on here before, by me and by others. I thought someone was working on a draft for the Cursed Earth to submit to Mongoose... but I can't remember the details now. I know Marc Farrimond is working on a Luna-1 guide which would be really cool.

The Cursed Earth is dying to have a fairly large book written about it, and is probably the most needed supplement right now.

With the Dark Judges, I thought there would be limited sales value of just them and their dimension, so I mentioned before that it'd be great to have a guide to Judges Gone Bad, and include details of iso-cubes, titan, cursed earth work camps, maybe even a prestige class for a corrupt judge or something... just thinking out loud right now. There were some great discussions about these ideas on the forum before, but those posts look like they were deleted in the crash a couple of weeks back :(