Predator Vs Macho Women With Guns


I should start reading the Infernumbooks so I can start posting about that setting.

At any rate, while talking about my own D&D game with someone today, I meant to refer to the movie Van Helsing, but said "Van Halen" instead. I don't think there was a Van Halen movie, but I have the DVD of Van Halen videos, and if you've seen them, you might see how they can inspire a Macho Women with Guns area.

Four guys stake out an area where they survive with the help of a bunch of weird looking people (featured in David Lee Roth videos), and also some of the most voluptuously gorgeous babes on the planet (also featured in David Lee Roth videos). So mega-voluptuous are these women, that I have to make up a new disadvantage for them: Mega-Voluptuousness.

Buy Off: Permanent; can not be bought off

Your voluptuousness goes beyond simply chest and hip size, and actually warps space and time, causing anything you wear to fit very tightly.

Points: Mega-voluptuousness is worth two points.

Effect: Any clothes that you wear fight tightly, even if designed not to. Any skirt will cling to your legs, reducing movement by half, or half normal if the skirt you are wearing is normally tight enough to reduce movement. Wearing any clothes that are not stretchable will cause you to incur a -2, -4, or -6 penalty to Spot, Listen, and Concentration checks as the tight clothing distracts you. Any armor causes a penalty to Dexterity equal to its armor bonus, as long as it is worn.

Any time you make a modified attack roll above 20, a garment you wear takes 1d3 damage. Elastic clothing takes one point less damage than rolled, and very elastic clothing takes two points less damage. Rigid or inflexible attire may take 1 or 2 points damage more than normal.
lol! You know I might just make my Predators female. No where in the backstory of the Predator says this is unaceptable so it should work.

Species traits for a Predator Bitch

+2 To Strength, Inteligence and Dexterity

-4 to Charisma (The one ugly mother****er rule) Automatically have the Moon Pig Drawback

Profeicencies: Simple Weapons, Exotic Weapons, Light armour

Strike from nowhere: +2 To move silently and Hide Checks.

Equipment Effects


Multiple Vision modes: Predator can see in one of the following spectrums. It takes a move action to change spectrum.

Visible Light (Normal)

Night Vision (As Dark Vision)

Infa Red: Spots heat sources within line of sight and unobscured by any other material automatically.

Ultraviolet: Can see at night as if day time. +2 to spotting Aliens.

Plasma Gun

See MWWG rule book

Hunting Spear

As a glaive +1.

Retractable claws

As two knives combined into one weapon for a total of 2D6 Damage.

Remote Bombs

Fire like throwing knives. Can be detonated with an attack action at any time. Detonate action detonates all in play. Count as armour piercing grenades.

Cloaking device

Allows user to hide in plain sight. Subtracts 2 from opposing spot checks. Does not work when wet!


In the metaphysics of my MMWWG world, I've established that there is a limited number of True Temples scattered throughout the world.

One such temple may be in the Hollywood area. It is devoted to an actress who as a girl was so extravagently cute that she defined mega cuteness. Her name, of course, is Shirley. Shirley Temple. (Or is it Shirley's Temple Temple? Or the Temple of Shirley Temple?)

Maybe the idea doesn't look as good in here as it did in my head, but surely a temple to Shirley could add a element of cuteness to any MWWG setting.


The energies released during the Dang are just the sort of thing that can tear a hole in reality. And you have to figure that reality was sort of stretched in the years before the Dang, anyway, what with <two U.S. Presidents who will not be named, but each of the major U.S. political parties are represented in this set> being -- well, anyway.

Perhaps some of those stages in Hollywood ended up becoming gateways to other universes. One side of the set would be plaster and cardboard, as normal. The other side could be in the world of the movie being filmed.

It could be a good way to bring the women, and their predator friend, into an interesting battlefield. Perhaps someone gets pushed behind a tapestry and into Camelot. The Musical.