Predator Vs Macho Women With Guns

Just had to share this idea before it drove me crazy! I'm working on a MWWG mission where the girls have to fight off none other than the ugly motherf***er himself! Any ideas on how to develop this further?
I've got lots of ideas for MMWG. Prestige classes. Monsters. Geographical settings. You name it, I've got it.

Some more detail would help. Do you have a specific team of MMWG in mind? A specific setting? Anything would help.

Working off the top of my mind, I'm thinking that stranding the heroines on a deserted island sounds like a good idea. Perhaps while fighting off the Predator, they have to try to scrounge together the parts to fix the jet aircraft they need to get off the island. And of course there is the nuclear time-bomb that gets activated at some point. And the gorgeous Polynesian boys.

If you need more, let me know.
Well its part of a campaign called the Omega Women. A diverse group of gun totting hoties spent the dang in a bunker under Hollywood. They have to slowly fight their way out before Hell opens out. Predator is going to be a pretty high level encounter before the comie Martian and Randy Grey Conspiricy is revealed!
make it a huge stage from a hollywood picture lot and have a jungle manned with lesbian canibals survivours from the golden age of porn,have them against muff hunters camp men who hunt these girls down for their valuable beauty tips and hair acccessories,add in another tribe of pygmys who bombard people with razor sharp peices of paper demanding equal pay for pygmys and the destruction of all remaining copies of charlie and the chocolate factory as the ultimate seterotype and you have the bones of a fun session or two :wink:
another idea is the monster is infact a lone and now mad geek from the specail effect department if done like the wizard in the wizard of oz it could be fun 8)
One of the menaces listed in the sourcebook is Three Adjectives and an Animal. Possible instantiations that would fit in hollywood include:

Annoying Bipedal Carrot-Eating Rabbit. Addresses all and sundry as "Doctor". Can be earnestly helpful or maddenly annoying, as his whim directs.

Dastardly Despithable Daffy Duck. Egotistical and not too bright. If you are familiar with Duck Dodgers, you can probably come up with 1001 ideas.

The Union of the Snake. For some reason I was thinking about that song from the 1980s. I've read that they have unions in Hollywood. It makes sense that the snakes would form one.

Victoria's of Hollywood. Not an animal idea, but perhaps a radioactive meteor crashed into a lingerie store, granting special super powers to the merchandise. It's an idea that I've had for a long time, but never had a chance^H^H^H^H^H^H^Han excuse to do something with it.
the radiactive bra :shock: a true weapon of mass destruction :lol: thinking a indiana style game hunting for the lost jock strap of doom :shock: :wink:
Like this Predator idea so much I'm making a whole campaign of it. It'll start in the jungle for a few episodes then work its way into the city (Predator -Predator II.) With a little help from GZG minis (antagonists and protagonists) We're in the running for a great game!
Yeah I will. I've also got Randy Greys and Commie Martians involved some how. Oh and a huge alien with a gun that looks like Yoda on Steroids!
If you go to you can find the Mini under 25mm Stargrunt-Assorted aliens as well as their beautiful Predator figures and entire catalogue full of non politically correct female figures!
There was an old Bugs Bunny cartoon where a truck carrying a load of hats lost its door somehow, and all the hats went flying around in the wind. Whenever a hat landed on someone's head, it changed that character's behavior to match the hat.

Think of what could be done with all the props and costumes lying around in Hollywood.

Another idea I had was that a prop could be infused with energy according to the movie it was used in. Since even the lowest budget/lowest selling movies usually represent hard work on the basis of somebody, or somebody's heart-felt dream, such a prop could be as likely to be for a little-noted movie (such as the glass skulls used in The Phantom) as for a blockbuster (such as the Batmobile). Of course, a prop could have been used in a porno movie, as well. Some of those beds are probably still around.

(Okay, an idea here involving a bed, a predator, and a heroine, better turn the camera off now...)

Ideas: A possessed Batmobile. A cloak of the cultist. Handcuffs of carnal delight. The glass skulls from the Phantom. The radio from Gilligan's Island. John Wayne's hat.

An idea for a new menace: The Paparazzi. Some people just don't know when to quit. Long after the Dang, when their undead bodies had crumbled into dust, the cameras of the paparazzi still stalk the streets of Hollywood, looking for news,and flashing photographs of whatever they encounter. Of course, they long ago ran out of film, but the cameras will continue to flash until the Sun goes supernova.
like it :wink: :lol: the jock strap of doom once belonging to dirk diggler is a artifact of great power everyone wants as well as the skates of his co-star roller girl :lol:
Paparatizi already have stats in the Cannon Fodder section of the rulebook! Anyway I'm running Macho Women With Guns vs Predator so they run into lots of tough opponents in simple fire fights until they gradually realise something else is killing their enemies!