Skandersvik - GM Thread


There is a Pirate of Drinax thread, and I thought I'd make one dedicated to Skandersvik to share ideas as well...

I'm thinking about using Skandersvik, since it is not terribly long, as the first stage in a lengthy campaign. My idea is to segue Skandersvik at the tail end into the Pirates of Drinax with the PCs being encouraged to take up Privateering by Magnus to try to keep the Imperium from encroaching into the Reach and to further some of his own other ends.

On the Skandersvik side of things, I think the optimal set-up is to have the Travellers under the the Operations branch, and more specifically being part of a "special operations" branch that operates with some autonomy. This isn't quite in the current power structure but I'll wedge it in there. This Special Operations unit would primarily work from one of the 80 dton shuttles that the ship carries and work on assignments and jobs as directed by Magnus. My thoughts are that this sort of gives them a "ship" and a core group that all the Traveller PCs belong to and a rationale for working remotely from the ship on the many occasions the campaign promotes. I'll stick an SUV in the hold and let 'em loose.