PARANOIA A1 "The Computer is Your Friend" now FREE on Amazon

Allen Varney

Citizens! In the new "Free The Computer" promotion, PARANOIA anthology A1 The Computer is Your Friend from Ultraviolet Books is currently available FREE in Kindle format from the Amazon Kindle store. This anthology, with stories by me, Gareth (Mytholder) Hanrahan, and other Famous Game Designers for the PARANOIA line, is the ideal (and mandatory) introduction to the line of official PARANOIA novels from Ultraviolet Books.

In the first day of the promotion, The Computer is Your Friend was downloaded about 500 times, which was sufficient to elevate its rank to #9 in the Kindle Library's Science Fiction free list and about #500 on the overall list. But now the book is descending gently, so please download the book and spread the word.

PARANOIA A1 "The Computer is Your Friend" on Amazon
The "Free The Computer" promotion has now expired, though the anthology The Computer is Your Friend remains inexpensively priced on all Amazon sites -- and soon elsewhere!
Just to be clear, there was a spam post between mine and Allen's, which has now been deleted - I wasn't calling Allen a spammer!