The New Paranoia is on its way...


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Yes, this is that game

Some games take themselves way too seriously. Those games are not fun.
Paranoia never takes itself seriously. Therefore, Paranoia is fun.
Get back to enjoying games. Play Paranoia!


Paranoia is coming back with an all-new edition that features:

  • All the rules needed to play this Hall of Fame RPG with your gaming group, including character creation, calling in favours, and how to convince people not to shoot your character in their smug face.
  • A science fiction dystopia where... oh, the man with a large gun is saying it’s a utopia, and I believe him.
  • Tons of new Paranoia lore to confuse, amuse, and sometimes frighten the players.
  • An introductory mission that is definitely NOT a hose job where the players suffer. Not at all.
  • A character sheet with a Public side and a Naughty side. (Not that kind of naughty, you perv.)

Would Famous Game Designers lie to increase our sales? Yes, but we are not doing it now because we love you, like Friend Computer does – just without the hidden homicidal tendencies.


The all new edition of Paranoia is on its way and will be available this September. Look for the Core Book, the Accomplice Book (because there are no true Companions in Paranoia), and possibly the nicest looking Screen ever!

Registered specifically to ask this question.

Regrettably, I was too late to back the kickstarter campaign. But I am super-keen to get my mutant paws on the Perfect Edition (how could I not? It's perfect). Do we have any more specific idea when the All New Shiny Edition will be available on the Mongoose store?

The post above says September... and *looks at the calendar*... ⌛

I just want someone to take my money!

It all rests on the US shipment and when we can get everything out to backers in North America. The good news is that it has cleared Customs, so we are kinda hoping it will arrive next week and start shipping... which would mean we might be looking at a release on the 22nd.

If not, it will likely be the week after. The most loyal Citizens (the Kickstarter backers :)) must get theirs sent off first.