Paranoia Perfect Edition is now Live!


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The PARANOIA: PERFECT EDITION Kickstarter is now live!

Join in on the fun right HERE

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Attention Citizens! Friend Computer has an important announcement.

The wait is finally over. Paranoia: Perfect Edition is now live on Kickstarter!

As a Troubleshooter, you are a member of Alpha Complex’s most expendable elite force. Tasked with finding trouble and shooting it, you will be hunting Commies, mutants, terrorists, traitors, Commie mutant terrorist traitors, renegade bots, DAIVs, and [REDACTED]. You will save Alpha Complex from its greatest threats, unless you accidentally become Alpha Complex’s greatest threat.

The Paranoia: Perfect Edition is a love letter to this Origins Hall of Fame roleplaying game. Old characters from previous editions like Funbot are back, combat is fast, and satire drips from every page like a spilled vat of Hot Fun. As well as the rulebook, we are also producing the Accomplice Book, which comes with conversion rules for running any title from older editions in Paranoia: Perfect Edition, more secret societies, alternate rules for combat, Treason Circles, the Mission Blender, and a High Programmer’s bounty more.

The Kickstarter page has oodles of details on the Perfect Edition, as well as a free download of the first few pages of the new rulebook. Swing by and see what we have been up to!

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Hi, I would like to buy PDFs of the laest (and hopefully best) Paranoia!:) Can you help me with that, please?
Hi, there is not the latest edition. "Paranoia: Perfect Edition" - I was in Kickstarter but buttons for backing are already off.