Brave New Missions: Something Satiric This Way Comes - on PDF & Pre-Order


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Troubleshooters! Are you alert?

We know you are.

Brave New Missions: Something Satiric This Way Comes provides you with 5 new ways for you to demonstrate your loyalty to Friend Computer in missions that will be extremely simple and easy to complete.

You can sign up to defend Alpha Complex right here:

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In this book, Paranoia GMs can find five missions, ready to go, including…
  • Certifiable: Your Troubleshooters already took and passed the Troubleshooter Certification Exam, right? RIGHT??
  • In the Clouds: Virtual Troubleshooters going after decidedly not-virtual treason. Think Tron with a higher body count.
  • Meet ‘n’ Greet: People should not fear Troubleshooters, so it is time to force the public into liking them, or else. That will work!
  • Stealth Train Redux: One of the best missions of all time is back! How can you protect a train that does not exist? Or maybe it does?
  • Viva VEG Sector: Free Enterprise opens a casino with all the tropes and sarcasm you would expect. An albino tiger may or may not be involved.
Five missions. One book. And more catch-22s than you can shake a depleted laser pistol at. Welcome to Brave New Missions: Something Satiric This Way Comes.

Oh, and players can buy this book, but must not read it or you will ruin the fun!