Pantheon of Aon


Aside from Naar, Kai and Ishir, are there any other gods on Aon? I know the history states there was a great war between the gods and many kicked the celestial bucket, but are these three the only divine beings about?

The RPG mentions Solon (I think, the book's not in front of me), who is the god of battle. s/he's mentioned under Knights of the Realm briefly.

Other than this, many 'gods' are worshipped even they are not full deities, per se. Some are powerful warlords or Wytch-Kings :wink: that are uber-powerful as compared to the rest of the general population.

Other than this, though, I can't recall any other gods mentioned.

Xuzargha is the god of plague worshipped by the Ceners (mentioned in Plague Lords of Ruel). I don't really think things like the Shianti and Alyss count, as they're half-gods.
According to the RPG, Kai's son, A-something (not Anduril, but close), was on Magnamund for a time, but he was killed by Naar before Nyxator's birth.

In Grant's version, Ohrido (the temple itself) was a deity created by the Elder Magi, though Dever's work doesn't appear to support this.
Nerethel said:
[...] or Wytch-Kings :wink: [...]

Haven't really played it so far (only browsed a bit when my curiosity overwhelmed me :oops:), but The Curse of Naar might be helpful in that regard. As far as I know, a few gods of darkness appear in it.

The only one I really know about is Zantaz, the war god of the Drakkarim. (He's depicted on the cover of the UK version, BTW. Here you go ...)