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are there any good links for a downloadable and conan useable online scenario ??? if you know a good link....please post it here!

thnx for helping me / us out :)

You can buy all official scenarios as pdf at (not sure about the exact adress).
clarification 1:

i won't BUY a scenario online :)

clarification 2:

this thread is similiar to the "dungeon magazine" thread. i don't look especially for "pure conan" scenarios....if you know a good (and conan convertable) fantasy scenario on a homepage somewhere...please post the link :)
com'on...there have to be someone who knows another good "conan useable" fantasy scenario on the net.....
Those are the only ones I could find. The Lost Garrison went well for my group. They liked it. Good Luck.
thnx strom !

but too late :) been there some weeks ago and downloaded a bunch of them. after some (serious) working you can even use some of them :)

it's a pity every D&D adventure seems to be an excuse for the author to use 1-5 monsters from one of the countless monster & bullshit manuals. why can't they make a REAL story and not just a little storylike thing around some kind of special monster ? this is supposed to be a thread for useable fantasy scenarios it's still a good link strom!
from another post somewhere on this forum...

there you can find some (very) good warhammer rpg adventures. good mixture between thinking,interaktion,rooting out evil and have to work them over for Conan. but the warhammer rpg magic is nearly as dark as the conan magic. so these things will work. of course you have to make your own NPCs for the scenarios as no D20 stats are given....but i improvise nearly every npc or take one of the many npc-lists in the different conan sourcebooks so i don't care :)
it's a shame i have to fill my own thread :)

don't you know any good site with "conan like" or convertable scenarios / adventures ??? :shock:

here is one more link from me *sigh*

it's AD&D so you have to work it over by yourself...but that shouldn't be a problem...

"The module is based on a Conan The Barbarian comic book (#127) of the same name by Marvel Comics. Original writer J. M. DeMatteis deserves much of the credit as the inspiration as I merely converted it to fit my AD&D campaign."
You've covered this so well, hardly anyone has anything left to offer. :)

I would like to try something along the lines of a generic random adventure blender that can be used for any RPG regardless of mechanics.

Any thoughts about this? Has someone else already done this?
are you talking about those tables ? you roll some dice to determine the elements of a scenario?

i think that was covered in another thread
Okay, I'm fairly reluctant to post this, so I need everyone to promise that they won't post anything on this blog. It was designed for a group of gamers who have never played Conan before, and most of whom are not particularly familiar with the Hyborian Age.

This blog is to familiarize them with the Hyborian Age and the Conan RPG as well. This is only the set-up for the first adventure, so it's certainly not a module, but you said that you make your own NPC's anyway so using this set-up wouldn't take too much effort.

From this point they will make an attack on a larger Kozac stronghold and completely wipe it out. In the process the PCs will come into possession of a map showing a lost city ripe for plunder. The advisors to the Kothic nobleman are scholars of fairly evil intent who have orchestrated the entire military action to obtain this map. The PCs escape from service to the Koths and make their way into the Turanian wasteland in search of this city. Hot on their heels are the Koths as well as a fairly large force of Turanian military regulars who see the Kothic action against the Kozacs as a violation of recognized borders. In addition they will also be crossing the lands of several turanian nomad tribes. As far as the city goes I haven't gotten that far yet. I figure it will take at least two nights of gaming to get that far and it takes us just about everything we've got to get one night per month.

I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but like I said above I'd prefer if no one left any comments on the blog since it was intended as a tool to keep players in my campaign updated on what's going on.
nice..thank you :)

i'm looking more for any kind of ready scenario or just an i think it's ok :)

perhaps you can post some of your scenarios in short form here ? :)
i posted a link for Warhammer fantasy RPG some posts ago. you can't use all of them because of their "warhammer only" flair...but i tried some with my group (after doing some "conversion") and they played nicely. of course you have to change the names because warhammer tends to use pseudo-german names (mostly a name consists of a translated word from english to german and a "normal" german name; there was a games workshop WFRPG scenario with "zahnarzt" [in english "dentist"] as the evil adversary...because it sounds "evil german" in the english speaking ear) :)


a village along a river or a coast (you can transfer it to zingara,argos,etc) is in fear of the returning ghost of a long dead pirate that cursed the village bevor he was burned on the stake. now, 70 years later, some villagers have gone missing. perhaps the players can help and uncover the truth about the ghost and the cursed pirate?

just one monster (low or medium level "demonesque" thing; so you can take simply one of the scrolls of skelos demons, make up one of your own or try one of Raven Blackwells lovecraftian creatures [recommended]) and one "true ghost" to convert.

note: i changed the "false ghost". in my story to one of the "brothers" from the village disguised himself as the ghost (remember the movie "the village" ? :) ) so i disbanded the "illusion thing".

the story played out very nice. transfered the place to zingara along "the river" while the players were travelling north :)

EDIT: look down for some hints for CONVERSION
another Warhammer FRPG scenario i played and think you can use it for Conan after some conversion....


the players are travelling (no special location required.....ok...perhaps a desert wouldn't be good) and a ravaging storm is coming. the seek shelter in a little village. a guild house has burned down and the (mitra) priest and some other merchants are dead. some animals behave strangely and attack people in the village ("nature's magic" style). the players (hopefully) uncover a struggle for the guild, a corrupting demon, a young man (in control of the demon "necklace") that now has the tool for revenge after everyone treated him like an outsider (if you are a good storyteller you can make a good story of corruption,the greedy revenge and the struggle for his love that he cannot get!). the players do some investigations, some combat to save some villagers from the (summoned) wolves and the showdown against the "demon".

of course you have to do the "usual conversions"...but i think you could work out a "conanesque flair" to it. played well with my group.

more "tested" WFRPG scenarios will follow (if you like to hear about it) after playing or with some more time to post :)

EDIT: look down for some hints for CONVERSION

most human stats you can find in the various Darlage Sourcebooks :)
otherwise you can use some stats from the good mongoose npc lists here

i am no friend of converting every npc / monster / thing. if they find a blacksmith he can repair their armor (no stats needed), if they need a priest/scholar to decipher a scroll he can do it (perhaps after some time). for a fight these above stats are more than sufficient. for "monsters" i take them out of the various books (scrolls,ruins,road of kings, etc) or make them up by myself (mostly "on the fly")

for those who are not familiar with the WFRPG and want to convert some of the mentioned scenarios here is some "warhammer vocabulary" (i played it a long time if i made a mistake or forgot something pm me and i will edit this post):

SIGMAR -> main "good" god. would be Mitra for conan

MORR -> god of the dead (NOT evil! he is just managing the deads) would be mitra too (or another god if you transfer it to another country like zamora); "Morrslieb" is just the moon

KHAINE / KHORNE -> main evil gods; would be any demon lord [recommended] or (seldom) could be set

"CAREER" -> WFRPG doesn't use the level system. they use careers (like a class in D20); after advancing you can take a new career (like "soldier", "witchhunter", "dragon slayer", etc). can't converse it 1:1 but would recommend 2-4 D20 levels for "one career" (depends on the number of players you have).

STORM OF CHAOS -> main battle between good and evil; use some civil war (for zingara for example) or other major conflict (Turanian border fighting, ravaging stygian sorceror with undead army, pissed of witch casting "black plague" or whatever)

MUTANTS / MUTATIONS -> some npcs in the scenarios are hiding because of "sign of mutation" (change of the body); mutation is a sign of evil or corruption in the WFRPG world and would summon some witchhunters...of course no one is speaking to a "mutant" and they are outsiders. depending on the story you could use "sorceror" (in countries like argos or aquilonia where sorcerors are feared) or you can use the corruption table from the core rulebook. WFRPG witchhunters will mostly kill the mutant (to prevent the spreading of evil...not the best or human idea but they like it the "safe way"). you have to adapt the "kind of mutation" (see above) for your kind of adventure (especially how magic is handled in the location you play)

WITCH HUNTERS -> the name says it all. take the "Temple Warder" from hyborias finest (page 106) with the variant rules heretic hunter and righteous fury
Valaryc said:
are you talking about those tables ? you roll some dice to determine the elements of a scenario?

i think that was covered in another thread

I posted some tables a while ago that gave you the bones of a scenario, leaving you to fill in the gaps. They didn't do all the work for you, they were designed to make you think 'out of the box' as it were.

Warning! long post ---

1. City
2. Jungle
3. Mountain
4. Creature
5. Raiders
6. Bandits
7. Picts
8. Hillmen
9. Merchant
10. Trade Goods
11. Betrayal
12. Treachery
13. Message
14. Mistake
15. River
16. Lake
17. Swamp
18. Ruined temple
19. Ruined city
20. Castle
21. Fortress
22. Village
23. Tomb
24. Cave
25. Hidden
26. Sorcerer
27. King
28. Noble
29. Scholar
30. Priest
31. Temple
32. Supernatural
33. Omen
34. Prophecy
35. Tower
36. Army
37. Battle
38. Skirmish
39. War
40. Attack
41. Defend
42. Camp
43. Desert
44. Oasis
45. Tree
46. Forest
47. Hills
48. Island
49. Ship
50. Reavers
51. Ocean
52. Underwater
53. Cavern
54. Sea monster
55. Undead
56. Zombies
57. Vampire
58. Kidnapping
59. Slaves
60. Slave market
61. Weapon
62. Armour
63. Thievery
64. Escape
65. Captured
66. Scroll
67. Book
68. Rare item
69. Quest
70. Horror
71. Insanity
72. Civil war
73. Hyborian kingdoms
74. The Eastern kingdoms
75. Player-characters
76. Non-player characters
77. Event
78. Monument
79. Major event
80. The Black Kingdoms
81. Stygia
82. Magic item
83. Pirate
84. Weather
85. The North
86. Romantic
87. Story twist
88. Unforseen
89. Ambush
90. Colour
91. Jewel
92. Treasure
93. Wealth
94. Power
95. Shrine
96. Statue
97. Reputation
98. Honour
99. Allegiance
00. Child

Sub-table may be created as desired.

Roll five times and slot into place as shown below. The central work is the main theme. The top two words are what led or contributed to this, the bottom left word is the possible outcome and the bottom right word is a situation modifier. Also all words can interact with each other and even with themselves.

An example:

Armour Jewel
The North Raiders

Err, right. This was rolled as I typed this…

A) Raiders from one of the Northlands are raiding Hyperborea. A ruler offers gold and jewels to defeat the raiders. The raiders turn out to be better armed and armoured than expected; someone is building a power base.

B) An expedition into Northern Pictland to uncover a long-lost tomb, said to be the resting place of a great warrior and his armour. The map to the tomb is carved into a jewel and can only be viewed by viewing the full moon through the jewel. Bandit raids, both Picts and Cimmerians, plague the expedition

c) PC’s are members of a raiding band on the borders of Aquilonia. To get anywhere and start making real money they need better equipment and armour. The bandit leader is content to raid the occasional caravan, but his men are loyal. The PC’s need to organise a coup and seize power.

So, there you are. Three possible adventures to be fleshed out, suggested by five dice rolls.

Use it as you will, but I'd appreciate any feedback and comments