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Seeker started this thread with ideas for adventures for his group back in September 2005: New Scenario Ideas Since there was no reply, I'll quote his post here:
Seeker said:

Here are a couple of new scenario ideas I am working on for my Campaign.

Please let me have any comments or ideas you can think of to expand the scenarios. Has anybody had similar ideas?

1) Caverns of the Dead.

Whilst relaxing in a tavern in Shamar, PCs rescue a young man from two thugs. The young man, Adolphus, is a scholar of history seeking the location of the ruins of Python, lost capital of Acheron.

With the PCs assistance, he searches through the archives and discovers a map showing Python situated in the county of Thune in eastern Aquilonia. (A number of rivers which fed the city have dried up, masking its location).

He hires the PCs as bodyguards and they travel to Thune. En route they tangle with bandits from the corrupt city of Sicas.

At Thune, as expected, they find no ruins of Python above ground but below on the surface, there is a complex of caves. Some of the survivors of Python fled there when the city was destroyed.

In this deadly labyrinth, they encounter the skeletons of dead Giant-Kings, black plate armor, magical weapons, captured treasure, giant albino rats, a sabre-tooth tiger and a loathsome gelid abomination.

At the end, an earthquake forces to caves to collapse, burying forever the last remnants of the dread city. The PCs must flee for their lives with what treasure they have grabbed.

The Caverns of the Dead was inspired by The Hour of the Dragon (REH), Two Suns Setting (Karl Edward Wagner), Conan the Rogue (JMR) and the Dreaming City (Michael Moorcock)

The other scenario follows shortly.


I've found this adventure, a last-stand Alamo-like battle between a horde of barbarians and defenders ( PC's) of a civilized country, here:The Taking of Crow's Bridge. It's generic and NPC's need to be done, but easily adaptable, violent and IMO really in-genre. Just change the troll at the end of the story by a creature that will fit the area where the adventure will take place and it will work fine. The writer listed Conan, Gladiator and Brave Heart as "recommended viewings" for this adventure !


Nice topic :D And good work

Hope there will be many more fanmade scenarios (and sourcebooks :wink: If anyone got some good links for source books would be nice)


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