OGL Steampunk Autofire and Antipersonel Special Qualities


While statting out the vehicles for my game Saturday I started twiddling with rules for automatic fire for vehicle and artillery weapons. (I still don't know why they weren't in the rules to begin with... The Gatling gun appeared in the 1860s.)

So, using the rules for Autofire from the Modern SRD what would be a good CP cost for a vehicle and artillery weapon with that capability? I am leaning towards 3 times the base weapon CP, but want other peoples ideas.

The rules for autofire are essentially the weapon fires 10 shots, and everyone in a 10x10 area needs to make a Reflex save or take the weapon's damage.

And what would be a good modifier for Vehicle and Artillery antipersonel weapons? (Weapons that do not inflict structural damage but are treated as regular personal weapons.) This would likely be counted as a Deficiency, lowering the CP and Craft needed.

It would also likely be a prerequisite for Autofire weapons. (Since the Ref saves for most vehicles ain't that great...) And the Deficiency modifier would be applied before the multiplier for autofier.

And I will be adding sponsons as well, essentially limited arc turrets. (90 degree arc of fire front and to the side rather than ahead or to the sides, leaving a 'no fire' zone directly in front of the vehicle.

The Auld Grump Mark I-female tanks had machineguns as their primary weapons...
Still tinkering, my first attempt was, ummm, a little non lethat in regards to the autofire... and my second had the opposite problem.

The Auld Grump
And then I asked myself why I was trying to price these as multipliers and dividers rather than their own propertes... Doh!

The Auld Grump