Notice to Trader Captains in the Marches

How are you meant to inform the nearest IN base? Disobey its instructions and you will be re-educated at best, turned into a ball of plasma, or worse have your mind sucked out through a straw...
(I was going to do that one for Sky Raiders... guess I won't need to).
If it's like the FASA one, it has beam lasers and no armour, but it's M-6, so your best bet is to lob missiles to distract it and scream Mayday! real loud.
Really loving the artwork.
Way back in the college days I used always include this ship in the classic Traveller game I ran, because it's gorgeous. I'm happy to see an update to it. And I love how the tail fin seems to have a razor sharp leading edge.
I got one for Xmas, too! The little fighters detached and the button behind the bridge made the pew-pew sounds. It was a great toy!
There was more! The front detached and you could put the engines from the back on it. But the pièce de résistance was the engine-noise had some sort of tilt-control, so when you tipped it up the engine noise got higher-pitched and lower when you tipped it down.

A magical toy.