Traveller Release Schedule 2024

Nice! Operator's Manual on Friday and the next Far Trader on Tuesday. Looking forward to both.
Yeah, happy days! The operator's manual is one I've been waiting for since it was first announced.

I wonder if Matt is feeling generous and might give us a sneak peek of some artwork for this one.

It's nearly here though so I'm just being a bit greedy for more of that top-notch artwork that we've been seeing :)
Friday is my birthday. MONGOOSE, I WANT A STARSHIP OPERATORS MANUAL FOR MY BIRTHDAY. I warn you that feet will be stomped and false tears produced in protest should you fail. I may even pout.

Man I hope that happens.. not just for myself... but I'd hate to see your birthday ruined :ROFLMAO: Get that man what he wants!!!!

Again as I'm new to the game less than 2 months in, with a wish-list of core mandatory stuff still to buy judiciously without losing the wife, the home and the cat, I've passed on some of the recent PDF releases as I'm new to the game, the neat background setting stuff, can wait, but this looks like game/rules crunch thus mandatory. A same day buy for me, perhaps the only thing I'd love to see more than the Operators Manual is that Bounty Hunter book/boxset or whatever Mongoose is doing with that. Can't wait to see what we get with it!!
Well, my birthday is on the very same day as the 3rd Imperium will be founded on some 2400 years (and change) from now. With all the authority that entails (*cough* none *cough*), I demand that the SOM is released on time, tomorrow. Let it be known that our august Imperial personage is accepting no delays nor excuses for this. Make it so!

(Not to be taken seriously.) ;)😄
Some last tweaks and reviews, we are going to take the weekend over this to make sure everything is, well, ship-shape!

Expect this one to appear on May 1st...
I’m just curious why the Starship Operators’ Manual was listed as part of the Charted Space spine codes rather than the core rules spine-code line to follow the World Builders’ Handbook?